Because why not?

Does the world really need another game blog? Probably not, unless it’s written by ME!

Seriously though, I have enough thoughts that interest me to put them in writing. Who knows, they might interest someone else.

This will be a blog about hobby board gaming, of whatever type I am thinking of at the time. For those who don’t know a great deal about hobby board gaming, there’s a great big gaming world out there. I won’t go on at length here, since this is mostly just an entry to give me something besides the generic first entry from WordPress.

Speaking of WordPress, this is my first time to use this host for a blog, so it may take me a little time to get the feel of it. Be patient with me, I do want to get it down eventually.

Finally, a few links for you to peruse:
BoardGame Geek (and my own account)
Fortress: Ameritrash
Downtime Town (Robert Florence, master of the video review)
The Dice Tower (my favorite gaming podcast, by Tom Vasel)

Happy gaming!


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