Re-Lost: Confidence Man

Kate and Sawyer

Kate confronts Sawyer about his wanton shirtlessness.

Almost without fail, everyone who starts to watch Lost can’t stand Sawyer in the early going. He just seems like such a bad guy, you know? He’s hoarding stuff, always seems kind of smirky, and has the habit of giving nicknames to everyone he meets. Then those fans get around to watching “Confidence Man,” and nothing we know is nearly as clear-cut anymore. In fact, we finally see one of the central mysteries of Lost. Just who are the “good guys” and who are the “bad guys?” Continue reading

Little bit of this…

Has anyone else noticed that it’s gotten absurdly cool in Kansas City? And I was all ready for that warm weather to stick around.

For those who didn’t know, Forest is now walking. He’s not quite to the point where he goes anywhere and everywhere that way, but that’s only because he falls down a lot. When that happens, he crawls to the nearest anchor point and pulls himself up again. And of course, he’s falling down a lot less with each passing day. Maybe we can encase everything in Nerf, so he doesn’t bang his head…

Hope and I recently finished season 1 of Fringe. Pretty good so far, although I feel like it could have been more consistently great than it was. It’s like it didn’t want to be too good for too long. The split between procedural and serialized story-telling is kind of an uneasy one so far. But there’s a lot to like there, and when it’s on, it’s really good. It really pulls together some neat sci-fi ideas, although at this point, it’s mostly potential. Definitely like it enough to keep going though.

Also watched by me is Ken Burns’ documentary, Baseball. Though I tend to be more of a football guy, it’s fun to revisit my first sports love, and to get more familiar with the really early days of the sport. It’s helped my enthusiasm for the game as a whole. Also helping is the Indian’s fast start. I got to see them play the Royals last week, thanks to my friend who has season tickets behind home-freaking-plate. It’s easier than ever to follow sports, if you know how to get the scores to come to you.

So what’s the haps with all of you? How have you kept busy lately?

Re-Lost: The Moth

Charlie at confession

Charlie has something on his mind.

I know a lot of Losties who remember the first season very fondly, usually automatically giving it the spot of “best season.” I’ve just never gotten that. It’s great TV, no doubt. There are some amazing runs in season 1, notably right at the beginning. I mean, has any show started as strongly as this one has? But even the best show sometimes hits the doldrums, and then you get episodes like “The Moth.” Continue reading

You should play Yomi right now.

So I haven’t written much on games in a while, and there are some good reasons for that. The biggest one is that with a wee one around, I just don’t have much time for it anymore. I usually get one night a week, and usually some more games on the weekend. Many people would kill to get that much gaming in, but it’s not a lot if you plan on writing things on new games. But I have a new game you should definitely check out.

You definitely need to try Yomi. Continue reading

Re-Lost: House of the Rising Sun

Michael and Sun

Sun and Michael share a moment, or something...

I commented before that it was pretty bold of Lost to have two of its main characters speak no English. It’s even bolder to put those two characters front and center in their own episode, knowing that most of it will have to be subtitled. Still, “House of the Rising Sun” is a strong episode, and aside from a couple of minor complaints, it continues the strong run that Lost enjoys well into its first season. Continue reading

Re-Lost: White Rabbit

Jack and Locke

Jack and Locke take a breather

Jack has grown on me. In the early going, I always felt he was a little too white-knight for my tastes. I mean, he’s always saving people, and doing wild impulsive things, and he was such a believer in reason that it kind of chafed. Obviously, Jack was positioned early on against Locke, and I suppose I always related to Locke better. It wasn’t until about season five that I started becoming a believer in Jack, and he had one of the strongest character arcs in the last season. However, we’re at the beginning now. So how does “White Rabbit” age so far? Continue reading

Re-Lost: Walkabout

Locke's Foot

Locke makes an amazing discovery after the crash.

The timing of “Walkabout” feels a little unexpected. The first two episodes actually featured very little of Locke. He’s seen interacting a little bit with Walt and Michael, but beyond that, he’s viewed silently. In some ways, he even seems somewhat threatening. So I was a little surprised to discover that John Locke was kind of a pathetic character. “Walkabout” explains everything you need to know about John Locke for the rest of the series. All of his motivations, all of the crazy stunts and wild obsessions he will have over six seasons will point back to the essential character traits pointed out in Lost’s third, and possibly best episode. Continue reading

Re-Lost: Tabula Rasa

Kate and Ray

Kate and Farmer Ray, ruminating on Patsy Cline

Few words are as polarizing to Losties as the words “Kate episode.” As we will see later, Kate tends to get short shrift with her flashbacks. Happily, “Tabula Rasa” is one of the best. It tends to be underrated by most (including, it turns out, by me), since it sits between two of the best episodes in the entire series (“Pilot” on one side and “Walkabout” on the other). But in actuality, it presents some of the key themes of the show, in a way that is very character-focused and organic. It’s not as intense as the it’s predecessor, but sometimes a quieter episode is necessary to deepen the show. Continue reading


It’s interesting how much the seasons affect us. I never really notice how winter makes me feel until it starts warming up again, and this weekend was quite warm indeed.

Saturday was a busy day. We went on a family walk, just around our apartment complex. Then after shopping, we thought it would be fun to take Forest swimming. He’s only been swimming once or twice before, and this was the first time since early last fall. He never quite knew what to make of it. There were a lot of worried looks at the water, and then eventually, some playful splashing. It was a lot of fun, even though he can’t quite do a cannonball yet. Continue reading