Re-Lost: An Introduction

Lost, season 1

The survivors of Oceanic 815 (the important ones, anyway)

Lost never had a chance.

I mean the show was obviously very successful, but there was no way it could win with it’s series finale last year. Either it had to leave some things up in the air, or it had to give everyone all of the answers they wanted, and drag down the entire last year. Suffice to say, a lot of people were dissatisfied. That in itself isn’t surprising, but when all is said and done, I came away pretty happy with everything, so I was a little surprised at the hyperbolic reaction some people had to the whole thing.

It must be hard to end a TV show, because what you do to end colors everything that came before, at least to most people. This is especially true of a show like Lost, which is very heavy on the narrative. If you can’t stick the landing, some people will start whining about how they’ve wasted their time watching the whole show. (Isn’t that the point?)

But it makes me wonder…now that the whole show is over, how does it all hold up? Where the dead spots in the series really as dead as we thought? Do the loose story threads really amount to a deal-breaker? Hard to say, but I definitely think there’s something to discover there.

So in the interest of justifying my ownership of six DVD sets, I’m going to go through an episode-by-episode reviewing of Lost, starting at the very beginning, with the Pilot. I’ll probably do about two a week, barring any earth-shattering delays. Each season will be followed by an overall review, a kind of stock-taking before we move on. I’ll give each episode a letter grade as well (A being the highest, F being the lowest), to kind of give an overall impression of where I think they fall in the hierarchy of the show.

Those of you who are so inclined, join me at home. I’d love to have some more discussion besides just mine. And for those who have never watched before, there will almost certainly be some spoilers. You are welcome to come along, but this is largely intended as a re-watch, for people who already enjoyed the show one time through.

Because, as everyone knows, we have to go back.


4 thoughts on “Re-Lost: An Introduction

  1. I’ll come along for the ride.

    I’m already in season three with my re-watch though.

  2. Having just finished watching the whole thing for the first time in a matter of months, I really enjoyed the ending and wasn’t too disappointed in unanswered questions.

  3. As soon as Lent is over, I’m totally on board for a rewatch, brother. I’m confident you will still be working on this project by then.

  4. Hey, Nate,
    Jennifer Bowers here, Danielle’s mother — I knew you when at DA. 🙂 Looking forward to following along. Danielle just shared the link with me so I’m already behind, but it hasn’t been very long since I rewatched the first two seasons, so I should be able to keep up somewhat.

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