It’s interesting how much the seasons affect us. I never really notice how winter makes me feel until it starts warming up again, and this weekend was quite warm indeed.

Saturday was a busy day. We went on a family walk, just around our apartment complex. Then after shopping, we thought it would be fun to take Forest swimming. He’s only been swimming once or twice before, and this was the first time since early last fall. He never quite knew what to make of it. There were a lot of worried looks at the water, and then eventually, some playful splashing. It was a lot of fun, even though he can’t quite do a cannonball yet.

We also invited some people over for hot dogs and chicken on the grill. Not being the outdoorsy type, I feel like I’m making up for something when I cook on a grill, like there is some sort of inherent masculinity in grilling food. I’m not sure that’s necessarily the case, but we had a good time. And hey, after that I got to play a round of Dominion, and a game of Innovation. Everybody wins!

So all in all, I’m quite happy about the warm-up. It’s even gotten borderline-hot at a couple of points this past weekend. Not that I’m quite ready for full on heat waves, but the change is nice.

No doubt I’ll feel differently in July, but hey, take advantage of the positive feelings while you still can.


One thought on “Warm-up

  1. BTW, mom took Forest swimming last month when she was here. She said he splashed around for a while.

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