Little bit of this…

Has anyone else noticed that it’s gotten absurdly cool in Kansas City? And I was all ready for that warm weather to stick around.

For those who didn’t know, Forest is now walking. He’s not quite to the point where he goes anywhere and everywhere that way, but that’s only because he falls down a lot. When that happens, he crawls to the nearest anchor point and pulls himself up again. And of course, he’s falling down a lot less with each passing day. Maybe we can encase everything in Nerf, so he doesn’t bang his head…

Hope and I recently finished season 1 of Fringe. Pretty good so far, although I feel like it could have been more consistently great than it was. It’s like it didn’t want to be too good for too long. The split between procedural and serialized story-telling is kind of an uneasy one so far. But there’s a lot to like there, and when it’s on, it’s really good. It really pulls together some neat sci-fi ideas, although at this point, it’s mostly potential. Definitely like it enough to keep going though.

Also watched by me is Ken Burns’ documentary, Baseball. Though I tend to be more of a football guy, it’s fun to revisit my first sports love, and to get more familiar with the really early days of the sport. It’s helped my enthusiasm for the game as a whole. Also helping is the Indian’s fast start. I got to see them play the Royals last week, thanks to my friend who has season tickets behind home-freaking-plate. It’s easier than ever to follow sports, if you know how to get the scores to come to you.

So what’s the haps with all of you? How have you kept busy lately?

One thought on “Little bit of this…

  1. Saw a Royals game here too. We rocked a box—free pretzels and the like. Which was good because it was cold up there! Waiting for the summer box office to light up.

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