Re-Lost: Walkabout

Locke's Foot

Locke makes an amazing discovery after the crash.

The timing of “Walkabout” feels a little unexpected. The first two episodes actually featured very little of Locke. He’s seen interacting a little bit with Walt and Michael, but beyond that, he’s viewed silently. In some ways, he even seems somewhat threatening. So I was a little surprised to discover that John Locke was kind of a pathetic character. “Walkabout” explains everything you need to know about John Locke for the rest of the series. All of his motivations, all of the crazy stunts and wild obsessions he will have over six seasons will point back to the essential character traits pointed out in Lost’s third, and possibly best episode. Continue reading

Re-Lost: Tabula Rasa

Kate and Ray

Kate and Farmer Ray, ruminating on Patsy Cline

Few words are as polarizing to Losties as the words “Kate episode.” As we will see later, Kate tends to get short shrift with her flashbacks. Happily, “Tabula Rasa” is one of the best. It tends to be underrated by most (including, it turns out, by me), since it sits between two of the best episodes in the entire series (“Pilot” on one side and “Walkabout” on the other). But in actuality, it presents some of the key themes of the show, in a way that is very character-focused and organic. It’s not as intense as the it’s predecessor, but sometimes a quieter episode is necessary to deepen the show. Continue reading


It’s interesting how much the seasons affect us. I never really notice how winter makes me feel until it starts warming up again, and this weekend was quite warm indeed.

Saturday was a busy day. We went on a family walk, just around our apartment complex. Then after shopping, we thought it would be fun to take Forest swimming. He’s only been swimming once or twice before, and this was the first time since early last fall. He never quite knew what to make of it. There were a lot of worried looks at the water, and then eventually, some playful splashing. It was a lot of fun, even though he can’t quite do a cannonball yet. Continue reading

Re-Lost: Pilot (Parts 1 & 2)

Jack's Eye

The opening shot of Lost

TV pilots are tricky things. By their very nature, they are designed as sales pitches, to ease the mind of money-conscious executives. As such, they are inherently deceptive.  Once the series has been sold to a network, any number of things could happen. The pilot for Lost must have made some executives sweat. It cost $12 million to film it, the most ever at the time. Not only that, but the show was going to be shot on location every week, and the principal cast had an impressive fourteen members. The sticker shock was so intense, it resulted in the firing of the ABC executive who commissioned the series. (Interesting note: that executive, Lloyd Braun, became part of the Lost legacy by contributing his voice to every episode. You hear it as “Previously, on Lost.”)

Continue reading

A quick note…

For those doing Re-Lost with me, I will publish my first review late tonight. This is a little bit of an aberration. From now on, expect one review on Tuesday night, and another on the weekend, most likely on Saturday. Those of you watching at home, now you have a schedule.

Also, I’m going with the episode listings from the DVDs. That means that tonight will be “Pilot, Part 1.” And we will proceed thusly.

And finally, for the non-Losties out there, I’ll still post other items that are just about life in general. Don’t ignore the blog just because you aren’t interested in the reviews. Keep watching the skies (or in this case, the screen).

New beginnings…

It wasn’t always like this.

Back then (when people still used Xanga), I kept up on a blog. Barely a day passed when I didn’t post something for my several followers to read and share. I wasn’t really somebody, but blogging was overall pretty good to me, and in return, I gave it a lot of devotion. But you know how it is. Life steps in. I moved to Kansas City, got married, had a kid. I updated every now and then, but my heart was never in it. I fell off the wagon. Continue reading