A Minute to Ourselves

It’s a curious thing that when you become a parent, all of your free time suddenly becomes very valuable. There’s never enough time for all of the goofing off that you want to do, because your goofing off is now dictated by the sleeping and eating habits of a small child. That can result in some very odd tendencies…

  • I almost always favor short entertainment over long. That goes for everything too: short games instead of long ones, TV shows instead of movies, quick video games on the Virtual Console instead of anything involving a quest.
  • I’m a lot less willing to try new things, because if I don’t enjoy them, I’ve wasted my time. Better to retreat to familiar territory.
  • Obviously, nothing is done spur-of-the-moment.

However, the most unnerving tendency is that I tend to immediately retreat to goof-off mode when Forest is down for the night. The most passive thing usually gets the nod. Obviously, that’s not great for a Christian walk, since by it’s very definition that kind of thing can’t be passive. But it’s even hard to find time to do ANYTHING that can’t be done quickly, because I have this terrible fear that my free time is important.

Okay, well, it IS important. But it’s not like it’s THAT important. It’s nice to find time to do more pensive things, like read my Bible, or a novel. Reading is, of course, one of life’s pleasures, and it’s a shame to operate in a way that keeps me from engaging with it. And if I didn’t say so already, this is another reason I took up blogging again. It’s another way for me to take some time out to collect my thoughts and bang them out on a keyboard. It takes time and commitment, and sometimes that kind of thing is a means to itself.

So how about all of you? How do you keep yourselves sharp when life doesn’t give you the time?


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