My Son, the Ape

One of the peculiar things about parenthood is seeing your child develop in ways that you didn’t expect. I’m not sure why, but I’m always a little surprised when Forest develops another personality trait. I’m not sure WHY it surprises me, but I think it’s because it’s always something I haven’t seen before. It’s a little like if your dog suddenly decided that he wanted to leave and tried to open the doorknob. Well, maybe that’s happened to you, but you get the idea. So I’m a little amused whenever Forest invents some really interesting trait, like this one…

Forest’s main interest is bananas.

It sounds strange to say that his hobby is fruit, but it’s definitely true. Bananas are, in his eyes, the only pure good in a universe of dirty diapers and heads bonking on furniture. And I’m not completely sure where he got this from, although both Hope and I enjoy them quite well. But our love of bananas amount to absolute loathing when compared with the passion my son feels for them.

It’s actually gotten to the point where we can’t say the word “banana” around him. If we do, he will despairingly look to us, with that pained baby face, and begin softly pouting, as if nothing will ever be right again until he gets a banana to eat. It got to the point where Hope’s sister actually began to call them “yellowfruit,” and we have adopted this policy, for the good of peace in our home. In fact, on Sunday morning Hope said to him, “Go and get your banana!” and he began to trek to the kitchen with that little wiggly stomp that babies have. His expression could only be described as withdrawal. And heaven help you if you actually give him one before it’s been peeled. The last time we did that, he literally bit off the end in his desperation.

It makes me worry when he gets a hold of my cell phone. I can only assume he’s trying to calling the White House, to try and get through some kind of banana-subsidy legislation. Note to aspiring politicians: the toddler vote is very much in favor of this. And as the one who pays for the bananas, I must admit that I would also be in favor of that policy.


3 thoughts on “My Son, the Ape

  1. Hey, you didn’t mention that the whole time he was trecking to the kitchen in search of his banana, he was saying, “Neh-neh-neh, neh-nEh-neh, neh-nEh-neh…” (Said in the same cadence as the actual word he’s trying to say, “Ba-na-na.” He’s so smart!

  2. And don’t forget he also loves banana bread! *wink

  3. Really, I think that if you put the word “banana” before anything else, he’d eat it. “Forest, would you like some Banana Car Upholstery?”


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