Radio Silence

Well, I went a whole week without updating this bad boy. I haven’t had a single view to my blog in 10 days! Not that people should watch it when I’m not updating, but it does make me think that I ought to jump back in.

So where have I been? I went to a family reunion in Pigeon Forge, TN. For those keeping track at home, that’s about a 12 hour drive from Kansas City. With 9 days to travel, we only spent four of them without driving across state lines. As you can imagine, that took a fair bit of patience. I like driving well enough, but it was much easier before Forest was born. For his part, he did very well. On the way there, he was fighting a fever, which came from an ear infection. He usually responds quickly to antibiotics, but this time the fever was rather tenacious. He’s fine now, but it made the drive there a little more stressful.

As for our actual time in TN, it was a lot of fun. I have a wonderful extended family, and even though there were almost 35 of us in a single lodge, it was big enough that you could still find some privacy for a couple of hours. It was a great time to see family that I haven’t seen in years, and to meet some that I’d never met before. The locale was beautiful as well. If you’ve never been in the Smokey Mountains, I highly recommend a trip there. Pigeon Forge itself had that pleasantly tacky Branson feel (albeit a little more toned-down), but once you got off the beaten path, things got rustic in a hurry. The lodge was located on the side of a mountain, and the drive into the heavily wooden area was filled with switchbacks, steep grades, and gravel roads. Suffice to say our Kansas car was unused to it.

It wasn’t entirely amazing all the time. Forest was kind of grumpy and clingy the first day or so, and we (especially Hope) weren’t able to relax as much as we had originally hoped. The low point was last wednesday, when I pulled something in my back. I was in a lot of pain for about 36 hours, before it finally started to loosen up. That definitely put a damper on the lunch date that Hope that I took that same day.

But overall, we had a really good time. I’m glad to be back, and we were even able to get in a day earlier than we expected. That was nice, because I hate coming back from a long trip and immediately rushing to work the next day. We were even able to go out for Hope’s birthday!

But it’s good to be back on the ol’ blog. Stay tuned this week. I’m going to try and update every day!


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