Re-Lost Update

I originally said that Re-Lost would be back next Tuesday. That probably won’t happen for a variety of reasons…

– With a little time away, it’s become something of a hassle to continue writing up every episode. I have other things I want to watch and write. A good rule of thumb with any blog is to never force yourself to write something, or else you stop writing altogether. Well, that’s where I am now. My own personal reasoning for writing Re-Lost was to give myself something to stick to so that the ball would get rolling. Well, that’s the case now, and I’d like to stop before I get well and truly tired.

– I am enjoying rewatching  the episodes, but I’d rather do so at my own pace.

– I’m finding that I have a difficult time finding things to say about the episodes. Part of that is because it’s still pretty fresh in the public consciousness. There are a lot of Lost Re-watches going on out there, and I haven’t yet found anything really new to add to the dialog.

Will Re-Lost return? Maybe, but probably in a long-shot kind of thing. Maybe a retrospective at the end of seasons. That’s a lot less work on my part. And that’s the main rub here. Don’t want it to become a hassle unless someone is paying me for it.


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