I Summon You To Appear, My Love – Summoner Wars Review

Master Set

Summon THIS.

I’ve always been attracted by the idea of a collectible game. I like the concept of a game that remains fresh and alive over the course of several years. It sounds cool to be able to create the kind of experience you want, and to compete against friends who have created their own experience. But in practice, I really don’t have the stomach for a collectible game. Five-dollar packs of cards add up quickly, and many collectible games end up consuming all other games in their path. In fact, I know several CCGers who speak of their time in the collectible world like recovering addicts. It’s like an episode of The Biggest Loser, except most gamers have the decency to leave their shirts on. And don’t get me started on the guy who learns some amazing combo or deck on the internet, and then proceeds to ruin the game for his friends. Even when people aren’t copying some deck from the internet, I have almost zero patience for poring over stacks of cards to decide whether I want three or four copies of Greater Derpstorm in my deck. That means that I will be summarily defeated by the guy who has fine-tuned his deck like a very nerdy muscle car. And that doesn’t even touch on the money pit that is the collectible miniatures world. Continue reading


As you may have noticed, many sites (including WordPress) have taken some extreme measures to alert people to two bills before Congress. The Stop Online Piracy Act and the Protect IP Act. Both seek to censor sites who might inadvertently link to any copyrighted material.

The Rumpus Room stands beside these protesters. In fact I’ve already written Sen. Jerry Moran, who has been vocal on his opposition to PIPA. I have a letter from him. I put it on my fridge.

To learn more, visit www.fightforthefuture.org, and www.sopastrike.com. And be sure to write to your congressmen and senators about this very real threat to the internet.

The 2011 Rumpies


The 2011 Rumpie For Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the first annual Rumpies. Here we’ll hash out some of the fascinating developments in gaming during 2011, as well as dish out some choice (and not so choice) awards at the end. What were the big stories of 2011? What game will be crowned game of the year? And when will the awards statuettes ever get mailed? (Answer to the last one: never.) Continue reading

A Trader Among Us

Trading Post

I've never traded for a wooden Indian. It's one of my great regrets.

This may surprise you, but game blogging is not a great way to make a living. I expected piles of money and beautiful women, but that has so far not been the case (aside from the beautiful woman I married, but I don’t think that was because of my blog). Because of that, I don’t have a lot to spend on games. Combine that with an almost-two-year-old son at home, and my gaming dollar is stretched pretty thin. So when I want to get a new game I do a lot of sleuthing. Unless there’s some recent windfall of cash, I usually buy used games, either from friends or people online. And of course, I trade my games. Continue reading

Lean Mean Rubium Machine – Nexus Ops Review

Nexus Ops

The original wonderfully goofy cover

There are times when greatness does not draw attention to itself. It may be a movie that you only love after seeing it several times. That album that stayed on in the background until you realized you knew every word by heart. Perhaps even the best friend who seemed like kind of a jerk at first. We like to say that first impressions mean a lot, but that is not always the case. In our fast-paced world, we rarely get time to get to know something or someone, and that means we often miss out on wonderful pleasures. I say all of this, because I think that’s what happened with Nexus Ops. Continue reading