Last Stop – Ticket to Ride: Europe Review

box cover

If they knew how long their trip would be, they wouldn’t look so jolly.

Let’s travel back in time to the fall of 2007. That was when I first got into board gaming in a serious way, and I was smack in the middle of my “buy-everything” phase. Among my many purchases was a game that most nascent gamers buy, Alan Moon’s Ticket to Ride. I liked a lot of games, but I genuinely loved Ticket to Ride. We played it at every game night, almost without exception. It was the game I was known for playing, my absolute favorite. So it was not a surprise that for my 25th birthday, my future wife bought me Ticket to Ride: Europe. So began my collection of most of the Ticket to Ride line. I bought the Switzerland expansion map, the 1910 expansion for the original game, and the third version of the original game, Ticket to Ride: Marklin. I even got the card game version. I was neck-deep in Ticket to Ride, and I loved it. Continue reading

Questing Cubes – Lords of Waterdeep Review

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I know what kind of game it looks like. It’s not that kind of game.

So how “new” does a game need to be? Does it need to bring something to the table that has never been seen before? Or is it simply enough to work well and engage the players? On one hand, there’s already a lot of bloat in the board gaming hobby. Games are often endless rehashes of the same ideas, if they aren’t full-on expansions in the first place. But if the game is enough fun, it hardly matters if its been done before. I find myself asking this very question with Lords of Waterdeep. Continue reading

Geekway to the West, 2012

After a few months of anticipation and several nights without enough sleep, I’m finally back from my escapade to St. Louis, and the Geekway to the West con. This was my first con, since it was well within driving distance for me. After a good friend of mine talked it up  last year, I decided that this year I would make the trip myself. Was it worth the miles driven and hotel prices? I would say that it absolutely was worth it, at least eventually. Continue reading

Back Home Again

Good morning to all my faithful readers.

I’m back from my escapades in St. Louis, and recovering from playing tons of games and lack of sleep. I’ll have a full run-down posted in the next day or two, so you can read all about the whole song and dance I did.

Til then, stay groovy.

Cosmic Encounter, Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Embrace Chaos

Hey, this isn’t Friday Fallout! There’s a good reason for that too, because I’m in St. Louis at Geekway to the West. So I’ll be back next week with a big ol’ rundown of my escapades in the STL. In the meantime, here’s a review I wrote in November 2009 for my favorite game, Cosmic Encounter. This particular piece is one that I’m very proud of, and I think it still ranks among some of my best work. It was also the first time I loosened up and just wrote about a game, and I feel like it yielded great results. Hopefully you agree. Continue reading