Friday Fallout: May 3, 2012

Well, it would appear that I have a lot of new readers. I got a shout-out in Drake’s Flames yesterday, as well as a link on Reddit. So my traffic had what could conservatively be called a “spike” yesterday. To those reading for the first time, welcome! I try to update about 2-3 times per week. One of those entries will be a full-on article, cross-posted on other sites. The rest is for you, dear readers. Subscribe, add me to your RSS reader, follow me on Twitter, whatever. And I definitely want to encourage comments and discussion. Feedback is always welcome.

Friday Fallout is a proud Rumpus Room tradition dating back to last week, in which I give a short rundown of stuff that I’ve played over the past week, with maybe some other thoughts thrown in. So without further ado:

  • Got a lot of games in over the past week, much more than usual. Last weekend was my first game of Tichu since Thanksgiving, and it was good to be back. Also, my partner and I lost very badly.
  • If someone creates a documentary about the Rumpus Room (Behind-the-Music style), the part where the music gets ominous and foreboding will be be the moment where I discovered the Tichu app for Android. That’ll be followed by shots of me with a long Howard Hughes beard in a darkened room, playing YET. ANOTHER. GAME.
  • Played another game of Wiz-War again with four people. I think I’ll write this one up next week.
  • I got a used copy of Galaxy Trucker through the Fortress: Ameritrash forums, and it got here this week. That’s a fun game that I don’t respect enough. It’s an almost five-year-old game and I still haven’t played anything else like it.
  • Merchants & Marauders made it to the table last night, and it’s still terrific. I genuinely believe it’s the best game to be released since Battlestar Galactica, and if trends continue it could surpass it. I won as a pirate last night, after a slow start. When I first played the game, I worried that the merchants would run away with it every time. But I’ve now won as a pirate two games in a row. One guy last night (playing for the first time) mentioned that it seemed like the pirates had an advantage. I’m pretty sure it means that the game is actually very balanced.
  • It had been 18 months, but I tried Alien Frontiers again last night. After two plays, I think it’s the best “light” worker placement game out there, beating out Stone Age, Pillars of the Earth, and Kingsburg. That’s not a high bar to clear exactly, but Alien Frontiers is a lot of fun. It does have that problem that some short Euros have, where you just do the same basic stuff until the game says its over. It doesn’t have much arc or build-up, at least not at the level I’m playing. But it does have a lot of fun interaction and screwage, and I really like the old-school sci-fi feel. Fun game, worth the trouble.
  • I plan on seeing Avengers at some point this weekend, but I’m an old married man now. I’ll probably see it at a matinee show by myself, because that’s what all the cool people do?

One thought on “Friday Fallout: May 3, 2012

  1. I posted the link to your blog on Reddit after seeing Drake’s post. Count me among your enthusiastic new readers! Enjoyed the Wiz-War review and am giving it more serious thought. I think there’s always a good argument for a few on the shelf that are just there for chaotic fun. Not everything has to be deep, elegant strategy. Wiz-War looks like it fills the bill.

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