Friday Fallout: May 11, 2012

Another week on the books. How’s it gone for you?

  • Took a spin with Lords of Waterdeep. I was worried that it would be a vain attempt to cram one more worker-placement game into the already-bloated genre. And it doesn’t do really anything that’s new. But what’s there is shined pretty well and very approachable. I wouldn’t call it a masterpiece, but here I am wanting to play it again. I guess that setting and interaction really do make a difference for a Eurogame.
  • The biggest problem with Galaxy Trucker is that if a group is learning from one guy, the guy teaching will consistently destroy everyone else. Thankfully the game is fun even in failure, but I do need to figure out a handicapping method.
  • Online games: in the past few weeks, I’ve been playing Twilight Struggle and Titan on the ACTS website. I am not good at them, but I did enjoy myself. I think Twilight Struggle might have required a little too much housekeeping for my taste, since you need an outside spreadsheet or some other way to track game state. I’m also playing Brass a lot online, and I’m discovering that I sort of love that game.
  • If you haven’t gone to the trouble to see The Avengers yet, you should make the time. It’s a fun movie that knows how to use it’s characters well and understands the major themes of the original. Or at least the major themes that my not-very-knowledgable brain things are there.

Next weekend, I’ll be in St. Louis for Geekway to the West. As we go I’ll post some pics and maybe send out some brief messages. But for the most part, you won’t hear a ton from me. I’ll give a big ol’ rundown once I get back, and there will, I assure you, be much rejoicing. I might also grab a couple of my older reviews from BGG that I think are still presentable and post them as filler for you, my patient readers.


One thought on “Friday Fallout: May 11, 2012

  1. HI.

    For Galaxy Truckers, you can use the official free-to-print handicap cards called Rough Road Ahead. As an example, if there is 1 experienced person, 1 who has played before and 2 new people, pick two cards from the RRA. 1 applies to both experienced players and 1 applies to only the experienced player.
    RRA cards bring extra rules and obstacles that you need to watch out while you are building your ship and they slow down the building process considerably. Two cards per ship in the game keeps each level fresh for you and fun for the others as you struggle to build your ship with ridiculously hard conditions and you might get your ship blown up even before the new players’ ships if you’re not careful.
    One thing to watch out is that some RRA cards are only meaningful if it applies to the whole group or require extra dice rolls to resolve and slow down the game. I make sure to separate these.

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