Friday Fallout – May 25, 2012


Here’s a frog critic for you.

Well, I missed Fallout last weekend due to my escapades at Geekway. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t gotten in some games this week. Well not games, mostly just game.

  • Alright, I’ve played Mage Knight all the way through four times in a week. If that’s not an indication of quality, I don’t know what is. It’s an incredibly dense game. It isn’t exactly a slam-bang-action game at all, more like a quiet epic that slowly builds. It’s very satisfying to accomplish things in the game, like when I defeated two dragons in one game the other night. There’s a lot of waiting around in a multi-player game, but I think that’s really more of a problem with four people. It’s especially bad when everyone is new. But solo or two-player? The game sings, and when it ultimately gets reviewed here it’ll be glowing.
  • Not a lot of other gaming since Geekway, but there have been some other notables. For reasons not totally clear to me, I watched both Addams Family movies this past week. I had only seen the first one, and that 15 years ago. So it was a pleasant surprised to enjoy them both quite a bit. They are rarely hilarious, although they are always amusing and occasionally laugh-out-loud. There’s a sense that they weren’t just cash-ins, but were made with genuine love of the material. That’s rare, particularly in our modern context. So it was refreshing to check them out.
  • Fringe ended alright, but I think this particular season finale was probably the weakest the series has done up to this point. They were pretty clearly hedging to make sure they could end on some kind of sense of closure, and there were times when it felt just a little rushed. But having said that, I’m glad they will be back next year. I don’t really know what to expect with it, and that’s when the show is best. If you haven’t taken it on yet, I recommend it highly.
  • But Parks & Recreation? That show ended ideally. I honestly thought that the election could go in either direction, and they found the perfect balance. It’s the best comedy on TV today, because it doesn’t just use its characters as a source of uncomfortable jokes and sarcasm. It’s a show about decent people who are mostly friendly to each other (but not to Jerry of course), and it’s still so funny.
  • Also watching a lot of 30 Rock. It’s the clearest descendent of Arrested Development that I’ve seen. And that’s a good thing.
  • I leave you with this one piece of advice: go right.


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