To Arms, Comrades!

box cover

That designer? He also designed Tichu. Clearly an awesome Commie.

So there’s this game called Kremlin, okay? The object is to assign influence to different members of the Communist party in the USSR. Through bluffing, trickery, and good old-fashioned brute force, you will try to get your man in the position of party chair, and get him to wave at the yearly parade. It’s a fun game that’s made even better because of it’s thick theme and setting. Party members age and get sick, and if they’re really troublesome you can purge them and send them to Siberia. It’s pretty great how the game puts you in the proper mindset so effortlessly.

Well good news! It’s on the ticket to get reprinted by Jolly Roger Games. It was originally published in the US by Avalon Hill in the late 1980s. It went away when AH did in the late 1990s, but it remains in print in Europe. So now there will be another version in the mother tongue (English, not Russian). It looks to have updated artwork, in keeping with 1930s Soviet Propaganda.  Hopefully they keep the dark sense of fun that the original had.

Kremlin isn’t a perfect game by any means. It has a lot of little goofy bits that make the game richer, but also harder to learn. The biggest issue is a goofy tie-breaker system that becomes too prominent in games with more players. I hope that JRG can fix that issue, but even if they don’t this remains a great game that deserves a great reprint. Keep watching the skies for this one. It should be good.


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