A Special Announcment

So hey, there’s some pretty big news on my front. If you follow me on Twitter you already know this, but I have been asked to join Fortress: Ameritrash as a weekly columnist and staff member. It’s a great honor to get to join with some of the finest board game writers on the internet. Matt Thrower, Michael Barnes, and Matt Drake are among my favorite voices in the industry, and right alongside them you’ll see me, Nate Owens. Monday’s article, about the missing history of board gaming, was published to the front page yesterday. I’ll be there every Wednesday morning.

This won’t affect anything here, since the articles I’m writing will be cross-posted a day or so after they appear on my blog. And you’ll still hear from me two or three times a week. But I highly recommend that you head over to F:AT and give them a peek. It’s some high-level discussion that goes on over there, and even if you hate Ameritrash games you can still partake in the spirited back-and-forth. Just be sure to be ready to defend whatever strong opinions you have.

Thanks for your support, one and all. It’s because of your support and feedback that I’m able to sharpen what I write and to hopefully advance my skills.

See you at the Fort.



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