Friday Fallout – June 29th, 2012


It’s funny, and it makes you think.

Tired of reading about SCOTUS? I am. So I play games instead. But not a bunch this week

  • It used to be that my wife and I would spend many an evening playing a couple games with each other. But then we had kids, and I started liking my games to be more about wizards and dice and less about castles and victory points. So we don’t sit down together too much these days. But this week we got a chance to sit down and play some Puzzle Strike. It had been a few months since we played, so it was fun to jump back into these waters. While I like the game a lot and I look forward to the expansion (with a couple caveats, which I’ll address momentarily), I think it’s actually really robust just out of the box. I could probably play just that version with the Upgrade Pack for the foreseeable future. Our second game was one of those very long affairs that boiled down to who would get the bad draw first. Some people don’t like it when it goes that way, but I thought it was fun and exciting. I probably had one of my best decks ever. I was able to practically manipulate my gem pile to float at enough gems to draw more chips, but not enough to lose. So that’s fun. I still lost though.
  • I look forward to the Puzzle Strike expansion, but I don’t like that Sirlin is once again re-re-updating the original Puzzle Strike. I have no doubt the new version is superior and works better with the expansion. But seriously, it’s not a video game that can just be patched. Oh well. The original still works great, and is still the best of the “short” deck-builders.
  • Last night was a great game night. First up was a round of Cosmic Encounter, with six players and including both the Rewards and the Hazards. This might be my ideal way to play now, and six players is definitely my optimum player count. This game saw a shared win between Virus and Leviathan. Since I was Leviathan, this was alright with me. I know some people don’t like shared wins, but I have a remarkable gift for losing at Cosmic Encounter, so I take what I can get.
  • Also played two more games of Wiz-War. While I gave it a positive review, I think that I underestimated the game big time. It’s growing on me, and last night might have been the tipping point. We played with many of the optional rules in the back of the rulebook, particularly the ones that were from the original version of the game. I STRONGLY suggest using these rules. They generally make the game more dynamic and allow more craziness to dominate the board. Not everyone will agree, but then not everyone is very smart.
  • The wife and I are going to see Brave tonight. I’ll probably say more on this later on, but for now I remain cautiously optimistic.
  • Rambo is not a cat person.

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