Friday Fallout – July 20, 2012


Indeed, old chap!

Kind of a quiet week from me, and that’s my fault. I got a little behind, since I didn’t have a chance to write something over the weekend. At the risk of disappointing my legions of readers, my intent is to try and get in one review and one non-review article, aside from Friday Fallout. I was able to pull it off last week, but a review didn’t make it out this week. I’ll try to correct that next week. Now onward!

  • No games played this week that I didn’t play the week before, but as I’m sure you’re sick of reading now, King of Tokyo continues to make it to every game night, and usually gets played more than once. I feel like a broken record about that game.
  • Another game of Imperial last night, and while I am comfortable with the game and some strategies I’m pretty awful at it. It sometimes happens that you get stuck at the back, controlling a country that no one likes. That’s a good way to lose the game, and that’s how I pulled off my fourth-place finish last night. Is there a word for loving a game and sucking at it? Because this one might end up in that pile.
  • I’m very interested in checking out Descent 2nd Edition, but we’ll see when I get around to it. I have a buddy who buys pretty much every Descent release ever, so it shouldn’t be too hard. But with other games to review and a kid on the way, we’ll see when I can play it.
  • Finally made a trade for Talisman plus a couple expansions. It sounds like my kind of game. Reports to follow!
  • Lots of good TV to watch this week. I’m picking up steam in the first season of The Wire. It’s one of those shows that doesn’t end on cliffhangers, but rather on emotional notes. That’s a smart choice, because it still keeps you watching but doesn’t feel cheap.
  • This week I also started watching recent episodes of both Mad Men and Breaking Bad. My intent is to get caught up on both of them. I love the shows for totally different reasons. I love the emotional beats of Mad Men, and how the characters keep developing facets that are both good and bad. The march of time in that show lends a sort of epic swing to the whole deal. Breaking Bad would be my pick for the best show currently on TV, because of it’s remarkable ability to build tension out of almost nothing. Not only that, but it’s a show where they don’t make excuses for the characters. They tend to be bad people because they made awful decisions, and because they choose to do evil things. That’s a pretty amazing move, because we like to find reasons for why protagonists are the way they are, even when they do terrible stuff.
  • Obviously, my thoughts and prayers are with those affected by the shooting in CO last night. It’s horrible that people should lose their life just going to the movies, where you assume you’ll be safe. Hopefully there will be healing there, and the grieving process will be a healthy one.
  • To give us some Batman stuff that isn’t a bummer, I give you the Caped Crusader in action.

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