Friday Fallout – July 27th, 2012


What smells like perspective?

Wooo! Back again after a slow gaming week. But it didn’t hurt me too bad, since The Rumpus Room grabbed a mention by W. Eric Martin in BGG News. You can read the article and ensuing discussion here. I don’t normally follow BGG threads very closely, but feel free to join in if you like.

  • Tried my first game of Talisman with the Reaper Expansion last weekend. Everything you’ve heard about Talisman, that it’s random, dumb, and takes kind of a long time, is true. What you don’t know is that the game is also a lot of fun. There’s something about an adventure game that let’s you sit back and just enjoy yourself, without having to think too much. It’s engaging enough to coast by on x-factor alone, and that’s pretty neat. We’ll see how I feel after a couple more plays, but for now I’m pretty excited to play some more.
  • Got a copy of 1989: Dawn of Freedom from GMT Games, who were nice enough to send a review copy. I’ll do the full write-up later one, but suffice to say that if you like Twilight Struggle, it’s not a stretch to say you’ll like this. I do, so I did. More to come later…
  • Tried out Descent 2nd Edition last night. Some of you may remember Descent as that lumbering beast of a dungeon-crawl from a couple years ago. The 2nd Edition actually makes the game playable in just a couple hours. A lot was cut out, but it turns out almost all of it was chaff. What’s left is leaner and meaner, and far easier to learn. I’ll try to play a couple more times before writing anything else, but it feels like FFG really got the game right.
  • The Dark Knight Rises impressed me a lot. There are still plenty of contrivances and small leaps in logic,  but it felt emotionally honest and that’s really what I wanted. Some of the images were genuinely chilling in a post 9/11 world. Really, that’s what all of the Nolan Batmans are about: how do we deal with those who won’t play by the same rules we do? The final movie does right by the first two, and brings everything to a very strong conclusion. Definitely recommend it, though not if you didn’t really like the first two.
  • Been listening to The Beatles a lot this week. It seems like the perfect way to err on the side of good music when you can’t decide what to listen to.
  • Hey, The Olympics start tonight! I’m more of a casual Olympics viewer, rarely setting aside time to watch them, but always enjoying them in the background. Tonight is an opening ceremonies/game night. That seems like a winning combination to me.
  • Oh, there he is!

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