Can You Imagine? – Dixit Review

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A reading rainbowwww…

I don’t much care for party games. It’s not like I hate them. They give me something to do with big groups, and they’re really good for people who probably wouldn’t be interested in learning Mage Knight. If it weren’t for party games, I would probably play about 75% fewer games with my family, which would be a shame. But I’ll almost never suggest one, and it’s entirely likely that I’ll try to find something else to play. Continue reading

Friday Fallout – August 24, 2012


Me in just a couple of weeks.

Quiet week. Since this weekend, I’ve played…let’s see…nothing. Well, that’s not totally true. I’ve THOUGHT about playing stuff. Does that count? Seriously though, it’s been a busy week and sometimes playing games suffers as a result. Just like this week! Continue reading

Natural Selection – Dominant Species: The Card Game

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No one enjoys killing animals, but if you have to kill animals, you might as well enjoy it.

If a game is successful enough, it will probably catch a bad case of DKS (Das Kartenspiel). That means the there will be some card game version of the game, usually simpler and in a smaller box. It’s happened with lots of big Eurogame hits. The Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne, Ticket to Ride, and Puerto Rico all came down with DKS to varying degrees of success. My big problem here is not so much the cash-in. If I had a problem with that, I would also have a problem with piles of expansion, and I don’t really. My real issue with releasing a card-game version of a game is that the attempt to draw on a more successful game’s status is always a devil’s bargain. While it might prop up mediocre games (as it did with Ticket to Ride: The Card Game), it’s more likely to make the new game look like a watered-down version of its big brother. The perception that you are playing the weaker version can make a game feel like it’s more slight than it really is. It may seem silly, but when we have piles of games fighting for our attention, why would we not play Game X to play Game X Jr.? Continue reading

Friday Fallout – August 17, 2012


Maybe if timber-wolves started driving cars, they’d pay attention to them.

My assumed pace of writing two articles a week, not counting this little housekeeping number, has fallen by the wayside lately. Will I get back to it this week? Maybe! But then again, I’m not getting paid for this. What do I care? Continue reading

It’s Not Funny If I Have To Explain It

It is to laugh.

Glasses on! Hair up!

Every game store I’ve ever been to has stacks and stacks of all of the different variations of Steve Jackson’s Munchkin. It’s a perennial seller, one that has spawned countless expansions and legions of fans. And at first glance it looks like a fun game, with amusing rules and funny graphics. And look at all those cards! It’s full of items like “The Boots of Running Really Fast,” which is indeed kinda funny. But for my own part, kinda funny doesn’t really cut it. In fact, by the end of my one and only game of Munchkin, I was irritated at the game’s snarky attempts to make me giggle at all of its in-jokes. It was enough to put me off of playing the game again. Maybe you love Munchkin, and if that’s the case I salute you. I’m glad that you, they hypothetical fan, have found hours of enjoyment and humor from this game. But the jokes wore thin for me, and it made me realize how difficult it can be for a game to actually be funny. Continue reading

Friday Fallout – August 10, 2012

pod racer

Now THIS is pod racing.

Welcome to this week’s Friday Fallout, where I’m tempted to gripe about how long the work week feels every week. But none of that right now. It’s Friday, and every bad thing that happens to me today will officially be regarded as Monday Nate’s problem. Our family is taking one last road trip to St. Louis to meet up with some family. It’s just a couple of days, and it’s just St. Louis, but I’m still very excited. Continue reading