Friday Fallout – August 3, 2012

Bane Cosby

I already posted this to Facebook, but it made me laugh too much to not use it again.

My son was visiting his grandparents all this week, which gave my wife and I a nice little break before our next one gets here in a few weeks. This sounds like it would be wonderful, but I think it was only really nice for about three days, and then I was a little edgy because he wasn’t around. And despite the childless-ness I didn’t get a bunch of gaming in, although last weekend had a lot of stuff in it.

  • Played my second game of Talisman + The Reaper with my wife. It’s a very fun game, although it will only fly with groups that don’t mind having nothing to ponder about. I once heard someone say that it won’t have enough mechanics for some people, and that’s definitely true. But there’s a wonderful simplicity to it, like a game I should have discovered when I was 12. I have a hunch it’ll do well with my boys. It also plays in background-noise situations. My wife and I played a whole game in about 2 hours while watching the Olympics. That was pleasant and very fun.
  • Still playing a bunch of other games you keep hearing about, like King of Tokyo and Wiz-War. If you haven’t already gotten both of those games, you clearly don’t value my input very much.
  • Hey, let’s talk about the Olympics! I don’t mind NBC showing previously taped stuff in primetime. I don’t stay glued to the internet reading updates all day, and it’s nice to see the big-ticket stuff on TV when I’m most likely to see it. So that’s not an issue. I haven’t much cared for their coverage though, because it’s more obsessed with puff pieces and faux “drama” than it is with actually showing any competition. It’s like NBC assumes that’s what we’d rather see. I guess that’s true for some people, but I don’t need another soft-focus montage. I would rather, you know, just watch the Olympics.
  • I don’t let on a ton about other sports obsessions, but the Indians had a good enough series against the Tigers last week for me to maybe believe they might be an outside contender. Then they go and drop six straight to the Twins and the Royals, including the game here in KC I went to last night where they lost in 11 innings. Thanks for hurting me again Cleveland, even if just a little bit.
  • I’ve been pushing through season 2 of The Wire this week, and I’m beginning to see the brilliance. It’s not so much that the show doesn’t have wasted elements and awesome characters (Breaking Bad does that just as well, if you ask me), it’s the sheer volume and scope of all of those factors. This isn’t a cast of maybe 4 or 5 principals, it’s a cast of dozens. Aside from the great writing and wonderful acting, it’s just fun to see them keep all the balls juggling at once.
  • Also finished season 4 of Breaking Bad. Probably the best show on TV right now, or at least in a dead heat with Parks & Recreation.
  • Hey, that’s a good point

3 thoughts on “Friday Fallout – August 3, 2012

  1. Are you from Cleveland? Sorry if this is well known.

    • My dad’s family is from Ohio. We lived there for a few years when I was a teenager, right around the time that the Indians were at their recent peak. So that’s how I’ve adopted that little heartbreak.

  2. I thought The Wire season 1 was excellent but it was after I’d started watching Season 2 that i fell in love with the series. The best show ever and i agree that BB is currently the best show on TV.

    I have not heard of Parks & Recreation.

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