Friday Fallout – August 10, 2012

pod racer

Now THIS is pod racing.

Welcome to this week’s Friday Fallout, where I’m tempted to gripe about how long the work week feels every week. But none of that right now. It’s Friday, and every bad thing that happens to me today will officially be regarded as Monday Nate’s problem. Our family is taking one last road trip to St. Louis to meet up with some family. It’s just a couple of days, and it’s just St. Louis, but I’m still very excited.

  • Dusted off Galaxy Trucker last night. I’m not starting to put together a stable of experienced players, and I suspect the game is about to get kicked to the next level as all of my opponents get better. For too long have I fattened up on the inexperienced players in countless learning games. It looks like those days are over, and I’m fine with that.
  • I also tried out the recently-award-winning Village. You go around a village taking actions and building stuff for victory points. That’s not an encouraging description. but there are a couple neat touches. First of all, it’s not direct worker-placement. There are limited spots for each action, but odds are you’ll get to do just about whatever you want at some point. The other cool thing is that your workers are actually generations of the same family. The older generations eventually die off, and hopefully they are memorialized in the annals of the village. If not, they get dumped in a ditch somewhere. That’s an appealing attitude for a game like this, and the lack of true blocking means that you aren’t fighting against the game but rather against your own ability to make the system work to your favor. Of course, that meant that the last round or two saw the onset of “cube confusion,” where the brain boggles as it tries to figure out how to convert the right cubes to the right things to get the right amount of victory points. I’m never much of a fan of that kind of thing, and that probably knocked this one down from “pleasant surprise” to “mostly indifferent.” For all it’s clever touches, it’s another efficiency game. It’s got some personality though.
  • I played 1989 this week, but you hopefully just read my review, so I don’t need to say much else. Suffice to say, it’s a lot of fun and well worth a look.
  • Dominant Species: The Card Game also got played, and I think this is a pretty good one. I need to play a couple more times to solidify, but there’s a fun element of playing chicken with each other, combined with the cutthroat tactics and struggle for survival from the original game. The two guys I played with last night weren’t wild about it, but my first game was a surprising success. I think it might be a winner.
  • I started back in watching Arrested Development for the third time, and it’s even better than I remember. It’s the funniest comedy since The Simpsons, and there are days where I admire it just as much.
  • Still on my Beatles kick. Most music now just feels inadequate. I imagine it’s got about one more week before I set them on the shelf for a while.
  • Finally, a Browns player who can handle the Pittsburgh defense.

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