Friday Fallout – August 17, 2012


Maybe if timber-wolves started driving cars, they’d pay attention to them.

My assumed pace of writing two articles a week, not counting this little housekeeping number, has fallen by the wayside lately. Will I get back to it this week? Maybe! But then again, I’m not getting paid for this. What do I care?

  • Very little gaming this weekend, aside from a good learning game of Mage Knight. Well, good for the other players anyway. I think my score was literally half as much as the winning score. I think part of that might be the learning scenario, which is a little more on-rails than the full game. Having said that, I think it might eventually become one of those games who’s stature grows the longer I play it. It’s nice to have a game that lets you keep digging.
  • I’m not sure when the last update to the Tichu app for Android came out, but I’m definitely losing a lot more often these days. Either the game is getting harder, or I’m getting worse. Probably the latter.
  • Hey, the Browns are 2-0 in the preseason! It’s true that the NFL preseason is basically like “Who’s Line Is It Anyway,” (i.e., the points don’t matter) but they actually played pretty well last night. We might even win a division game this year!
  • Those of you who followed the Lions in 2008 are rolling eyes now. (4-0 in preseason, 0-16 in the regular season)
  • I’ve been listening to Fleet Foxes this week. I got their second album, “Helplessness Blues,” when it came out last summer, and it was probably my favorite album of 2011. There’s a shimmering expansive sound to their music, like it was recorded in a cathedral. Their first album is not as well-known to me, but I’ve been digging into it a lot these last couple days. Highly recommended for those who like folksy music, with a heaping spoonful of Brian Wilson added.
  • My article this past week got a picture from Arrested Development for a good reason: I’ve been watching it a lot. Still hilarious, still revealing new jokes.
  • Finally got caught up with Breaking Bad. Is there a word for the minor depression you experience when there are no more new episodes of a TV show for you to watch? Because I have that right now.
  • A quick word on upcoming events…my wife and I are expecting our second baby in early September. I’ll do my best to continue to put stuff up, but you might have to satisfy yourselves with some older reviews from my days of posting on BGG. I’ll try to get some fresh stuff up too, but it might not be anything as long as I usually write. My F:AT articles will come from stuff on this blog that hasn’t been posted up there. Just a heads-up for the day when I might possibly go silent with little explanation.
  • Let go, John.

One thought on “Friday Fallout – August 17, 2012

  1. Which Tichu android app do you think is best?

    Thanks for the enjoyable articles by the way.

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