Friday Fallout – August 24, 2012


Me in just a couple of weeks.

Quiet week. Since this weekend, I’ve played…let’s see…nothing. Well, that’s not totally true. I’ve THOUGHT about playing stuff. Does that count? Seriously though, it’s been a busy week and sometimes playing games suffers as a result. Just like this week!

  • Last week I got together with some friends to play real-life Tichu for the first time in weeks, and for only the second time in 2012. My partner and I won comfortably, but I would have been happy to lose badly. I really love that game, and it’s nice to get back in the swing of playing it.
  • After our Tichu group broke up, I dusted off Innovation plus its expansion for the first go-round in a while. I have a good mind to do another write-up on Innovation at some point, because as card games go I think it’s pretty special. It’s different every time, always tense and exciting. It’s probably my favorite card game from the past ten years. Yes, better than Race for the Galaxy, Dominion, and Glory to Rome.
  • Speaking of re-writing up games, let me pose a question to you, the reader. Would you be interested in me revisiting games that I have already reviewed? I’ve done this with games that I reviewed several years ago, before I got comfortable reviewing games on a regular basis. Part of it is a way to prime the pump to get some good writing out there, but also I think it might be interesting to read in the first place. What say you, readers?
  • Have any of you read Playtest? This is a new blog by Matthew Baldwin of Defective Yeti, and Max Temkin, designer of Cards Against Humanity. It’s only been going for a little while, but Defective Yeti is one of the few blogs I follow myself, and they do some good work. I highly recommend checking it out.
  • I was inspired this week to rewatch the newest cycle of Marvel movies, starting with Iron Man and hopefully culminating with an eventual rewatch of The Avengers. Popped in Iron Man the other night, and it’s aged very well. Aside from the excellent acting and dialog, I was struck at how little you actually see Iron Man himself. He occupies maybe fifteen minutes of screen time, if that. The movie earns those moments very well, always keeping the stakes high but never making them seem heavier than they are. I’ve generally loved the recent Marvel films, and Iron Man really set the tone for how good they could be.
  • I’ve been reconnecting with my high school years, and listening to a lot of They Might Be Giants. They are a strange band, because I go through long periods only listening to certain albums. Then I come back to the other stuff and have a bit of an “oh, yeah” moment. Especially on my mind this week have been their albums Flood and John Henry, the first two CD’s a bought by them. You DO listen to TMBG right? Maybe now’s a good time to start.
  • To my college roommate: this is what would happen if you could fly in the Olympics.

3 thoughts on “Friday Fallout – August 24, 2012

  1. I’d be happy to read thoughts about games you’ve already reviewed. It’s interesting how opinions change over time.

  2. First, wow! That’s a jump! Second, you could write about things again. You always have a fresh opinion even on stale topics.

  3. Oh, third! Poor baby. I’ll protect him.

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