Friday Fallout – August 31, 2012


It’s funny because they talk differently!

Weeellll, here we are again. The lead-up to a new baby is nerve-wracking, because you never know how long that lead-up will be. But for now, I’m still chillin’, still keepin’ it real, and still gamin’.

  • Victory Point Games was kind enough to send a review copy of Circus Train for my reviewing needs. I’ve played one full game with some buddies, and a half game with my wife. The verdict so far? Quite good, and it makes me excited to see what GMT will do with their pending deluxe edition.
  • Tried out Factory Fun for the first time last night, and I enjoyed myself. It’s a little like Galaxy Trucker without the time limit or the gauntlet of events, and the puzzle elements ramped up. It does strike me as the sort of game that someone will either be very good at, or very bad at. That ceiling may be harder than I’d like, but my one game was a lot of fun. Beautiful production by Z-Man, as is often the case.
  • Got in a game of Merchants & Marauders last weekend, and it’s still wonderful. This game saw a lot more death than is usual. Three of the four players lost their captain and had to start over again. That’s a big setback, and I don’t often see someone recover from it. That didn’t happen this time either. Still, one of my favorite games from the last couple years, and maybe one of my favorites of all time.
  • I’ve been digging around for some new podcasts, and I’ve stumbled on to Judge John Hodgman, hosted by famed internet guy John Hodgman. He just makes judgements between people who have minor disagreements, but it’s pretty funny. Definitely worth your time.
  • Doctor Who returns this weekend. That’s good news.
  • Also returning this weekend? Ohio State football! I don’t think a fanbase have ever been this excited about a season where the team has nothing to play for. Urban Renewal!
  • Those of you wondering about Hurricane Isaac, be afraid. It apparently blew Kansas right off the map.

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