Friday Fallout – September 7, 2012



I’ll be honest: I expected to say that I had a second kid by this time. Our first kid was a week early, so actually waiting for the due date this time has felt like years upon years. But that means that I will get to go to game night tonight. That is until I rush out in an expectant-father flurry of activity.

  • Galaxy Trucker is now officially one of the best games I own. You know how games become successful? You make your game fun to lose.
  • King of Tokyo blah blah. But I actually won this time, so against my expectations, the game got even better.
  • I tried to solo version of Circus Train. It worked very well, and it was very difficult. The actions in the game are so short that it’s easy for me to get ahead of myself and not track the turns. That’s kind of a bad thing in Circus Train, where your actions are confined to a pretty small number. Still, I like the game a lot. I want to give it another go-around tonight. Good things come in plastic bags, I guess.
  • That last statement was in reference to the game Circus Train, not drugs.
  • Sugar’s second and final album, “File Under: Easy Listening,” is $5 on Amazon MP3 this month. It’s the deluxe remaster too, so that means there’s a whole disc of live material as well.
  • The AV Club (easily my favorite site for pop culture reviews) did a cool article revisiting Magic: The Gathering. That’s the kind of writing I wish I could bring to the table more often.
  • I started watching Friends again this week, easily my favorite show about beautiful people. Seriously though, it’s one of my favorite sitcoms because it so clearly knew what it’s characters were, and how they would react. They were each unique and served a specific purpose. Even in the shakier late years, it’s one of the best traditional sitcoms out there.
  • Breaking Bad finale…next summer won’t get here fast enough.
  • New Doctor Who this weekend! Overall I enjoyed it, but I don’t think that the strife between Rory and Amy was really earned. If they had built that up some, I would have been alright with it. As it was, it was a little out of the blue. But I did think it was the best Dalek episode in a long time, and it’s good to have it back.
  • Football: Ohio State rolled this weekend, and I want to see them beat a decent UCF team this weekend by at least three touchdowns. The Browns face off against Philadelphia, but here in KC I’ll be watching the Chiefs I guess. Unless I go to a BW3 or something. Maybe I will…
  • Slides are hard.

2 thoughts on “Friday Fallout – September 7, 2012

  1. Thanks for the awesome MTG article link!

  2. Read that you were a Buckeye and Browns fan and hoped that I had found a fellow Ohioan with whom to game.

    Then I read that you include Cosmic Encounter and Innovation in your favorite games and REALLY hoped you were in Ohio.

    Alas 😦 . Someday I’ll make it to Kansas. Regardless, here’s wishing your wife a quick, safe delivery and cheers to your new family addition.

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