Friday Fallout – October 5th, 2012


Maybe they’re born with it…

I could begin this section by griping about how busy I’ve been. But that would be redundant wouldn’t it? Suffice to say that adjusting to a second child, while easier than adjust to the first one, still takes some doing. We’re getting there, slowly by surely. Tonight’s my big game night, so there’ll be more game news later on.

  • Despite what may have sounded like ambivalence in my review, I went ahead and purchased the other two D&D Adventure games. Castle Ravenloft and The Legend of Drizzt are both great games, much like Wrath of Ashardalon. I bought all three to see if I can find some time to put together my own scenarios, and to take advantage of the myriad fan ideas out there. It’s a very flexible system, one of the most accessible and user-friendly I’ve seen. So I look forward to playing around with them
  • I got a review copy of VPG’s Swing States 2012, the solo game about this year’s interminable election season. I’m tired of the campaigning, but this game actually is really good. Expect the full review sooner or later, hopefully in time for election day, but it’s maybe the best game about the US presidential election that I’ve ever played. And VPG has really stepped up their production. Fantastic counters and actual boxes! They are probably one of the most exciting publishers out there right now.
  • For a while now, I’ve been listening to a ton of Relient K. Apparently because it’s still 2004 or something.
  • Inspired by the forums over at F:AT, I’ve been digging into some comics. A friend loaned me Kingdom Come by DC, as well as the Death and Return of Superman. Kingdom Come was pretty much awesome all around, the other one not so much. I remember Superman’s death from my youth, but it turns out it’s more an iconic story than a good one. I also have forthcoming  books from the library, all Batman titles. The Dark Knight Returns, Arkham Asylum, and Year One are all in my future!
  • The new season of 30 Rock started last night, and last season finally turned up on Netflix. It was one of my obsessions until I ran out of episodes to stream, so it’s nice to have new stuff.
  • No, I still haven’t seen the last episode of Doctor Who. I know, I know…
  • I don’t get it…

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