Friday Fallout – October 26, 2012

sven's warning

I want to say ouch in Swedish, but I can’t get my keyboard to put that little line through the “o.”

Oh, hello there! Yes, it’s been a couple of weeks since the last Fallout column, but my excuses are that I had a very busy Friday two weeks ago, and I was on vacation last week. So there. So now you know that you, as my readers, are not more important than personal relaxation and being busy. 

  • On vacation, it was a lot of lighter family fare, including Say Anything! and Survive! and other things involving exclamation points. Needless to say, there was also a lot of King of Tokyo(!) on the table, as my brother-in-law perceived it’s excellence very astutely.
  • Last night was a plain ol’ game night, and while I have a couple games that need to get played and reviewed it was taken up largely by old favorites. This was nice, because it meant that I played my first game of Power Grid in almost a year and a half, and it was a lot of fun. Still one of my favorite Euro games, still one that challenges me every time I play it. We used the Korea map, which might be my favorite expansion board.
  • Also played was Patrician by Michael Schact. As genres go, it was waaay outside of my interests. But on the plus side it played really quickly and was very simple to explain. I didn’t really like the game much, but the game was easy enough that I was still able to have a lot of fun with my friends.
  • Manila made it to the table next, and that’s a gem of a game. I think it’s out of print now, so it says something that I’d rather keep the game then flip it for some ridiculous amount of money. Expect a write-up at some point about this one, because I would love if it could get just a little more attention, and maybe see the light of day on shelves someday soon.
  • Wits & Wagers Family Edition is a lot better than the original game. I would easily put it in a category closer with Say Anything! as a great party game for the whole room.
  • Finished Doctor Who’s most recent run, and while most of the recent episodes were to my thinking B+ at best, the finale was one of the best episodes of the Who revival. Just a wonderful bittersweet ending for Rory and Amy, and while I suspect they’ll drag them back in at some point (like Who often does), I think it would be even more poignant to not see them again. The episodes leading in were all decent, but they really stuck the landing.
  • I’ve been reading a ton of comics, including Year One, Arkham Asylum, and The Dark Knight Returns from Batman, the first volume of Ultimate Spider-Man, and the first volume of Walter Simonson’s run on Thor. All a lot of fun, and I’m really digging this new comics thing I’m into. Expect to read more about it!
  • Finally, the full ending of Lost.

One thought on “Friday Fallout – October 26, 2012

  1. Every time I read about people liking Manila, I wonder if we got a rule wrong, because it was nearly *broken* when we played it. A game that’s supposed to be about gambling and risk had incredibly little risk involved, as you’re still making bets when the race is nearly over; I remember there being enough betting spaces that there wasn’t that much competition over them, either. It also seemed like the auction at the beginning of each round mattered more in the end than all the betting parts.

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