Friday Fallout – November 16, 2012

christmas cat

Let’s wait until after Thanksgiving, hmmm?

My article on F:AT didn’t run last week, so that meant that I already had one lined up for this week. That’s why you didn’t hear from me this week: I didn’t have deadline fear. And my excuse for posting late today? I usually punch this thing out over my lunch break, but our internet was completely out from about 10 AM on. It’s still technically Friday now, right?

  • Not a lot of gaming in the past week, but a whole bunch the week before! A couple weeks back I tried my hand at Isla Dorada, the recent adventure-y Euro from Bruno Faidutti and like four other people. It was a lot of fun (a good group helped a lot), but I think it might have been a little long for my tastes. Still lots of fun bluff and nastiness, so worth checking out. My biggest misgiving is the unfortunate semi-racist overtones that are spread thick over the game. Apparently that’s more acceptable in Europe, and it didn’t cramp our style too bad. Still, it might be awkward to explain in some circles.
  • I’ve played a LOT of King of Tokyo lately, which should surprise just a little less than one person. Still remarkable in its ability to crowd out longer more complex games.
  • Last week I was invited over to play a game of Battlestar Galactica with no expansions. I ended up being a Cylon as Tigh, and although I was able to do a good enough job to not get brigged, I’m not sure I was fooling anyone. It didn’t matter anyway, because after a long stretch with no Cylon attacks they caught up with the fleet in a ludicrous way. Every ship token and miniature was on the board at one point, and with two revealed Cylons the humans didn’t have a prayer. Still one of my favorite games, and playing it straight up has given it new legs.
  • Finished the final season of The Wire. I definitely see why many would consider it the best TV show ever. It challenged a lot of my middle-class-white-guy assumptions about poverty, drugs, and crime. It’s rare that you can say a show opened your eyes, but it kind of did.
  • Having said that, I finished the show and immediately went back into watching Lost. Some lessons only go so deep I guess.
  • I have been plowing through Usagi Yojimbo, Stan Sakai’s classic samurai epic. He’s got a real gift for economy in his illustrations, and the atmosphere is really thick. You can almost hear the music playing. There’s also a great sense of pacing and action. Really top-shelf stuff, and I’m excited to continue.
  • Speaking of Asian-culture-for-white-boys, I just finished the first season of Avatar: The Last Airbender. It was a slow start, but boy howdy did it end strong. That’s some terrific writing, and I am really glad I’m finally plowing into that one.
  • My wife agreed to play Innovation with me tonight. She is so hot.
  • With the bippin’ and the boppin’ and the JELL-O PUDDING!

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