Friday Fallout – November 30, 2012

I stole this from Reddit. I actually buy my own TP.

No toilet paper? No problem!

Hey, the WordPress CMS updated! That’s cool, right? I think so. Also, it is literally beginning to look a lot like Christmas everywhere you go. That’s also cool.

  • I’ve played almost nothing for the last couple weeks. However, I did play some Say Anything with my wife’s family, and I really do like that game. I might be willing to say it’s my favorite party game. Maybe.
  • I did just get both Uchronia and King of Tokyo: Power Up from Iello for review, so when I get a moment to breathe you can expect to see those reviews posted. I’m excited about both titles.
  • Over Thanksgiving weekend, I literally watched about a season’s worth of Avatar: The Last Airbender, which is a lot of TV in a four-day span. The ending was great for the most part. The series reminds me of a lot of the strengths of the Harry Potter series, in terms of characters and personal arcs. The world isn’t quite as immersive, but part of that is how long the whole thing is.
  • I found the first seven Harry Potter movies at a Black Friday sale for $2 each. It feels like I stole them.
  • My in-laws bought be Rhythm Heaven Fever for Wii as a Christmas present. (Yes we exchanged gifts early. Long story.) Anyway, it’s a lot of fun. I played the DS iteration to death a couple years ago, so it’s fun to indulge in this one. A ton of fun, if a little slight for a full-on console version.
  • Have you heard Cee-Lo’s Christmas album? It’s really fun and really good.
  • The Buckeyes ran the tables! That’s pretty awesome. I’m not even that broken up about a lack of bowl game, because I’m about 75% sure that we’d get whooped by an SEC team. But then, Braxton Miller might actually be that good…
  • Cat meets robo-cat.

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