Friday Fallout – December 28, 2012

Ho ho ho! Did everyone have a Merry Christmas? Mine was pretty terrific, as my son is now old enough to appreciate the fun of opening presents. I’ve had a lot of downtime with my family, and it’s been nice to relax. But no more of that for me! It’s time to update all y’all on what’s up, and then get around to writing my article for next week. It’s early, but I know that if I don’t get it done now I sure as shootin’ won’t feel like doing it on Monday night. Continue reading

Friday Fallout – December 21, 2012

The end of the world

The Silver Surfer was held up by the weather, or else we would have seen this coming.

So after a week of travelling, sleeping in different beds, and strep throat, I guess my body decided that I’d had enough of this thing called “sleep.” Seems like as good a time as any to update everyone on my recent gaming to-dos, as well as the rest of life. Continue reading

Stronger Than Ever – King of Tokyo: Power Up! Review

Power Up! box cover

This is why China’s nuclear program poses a threat to us.

It must be tough to make a good expansion. The proof is that there are a lot of mediocre ones, especially today when we have fewer “games” and more “core sets.” An expansion is essentially an attempt to catch lightning in a bottle a second (or third or fourth) time. A couple of games have pulled it off, but if a game has multiple expansions, it’s typically a case of diminishing returns. Either they ramp up the complexity, or they add more new content than any one group could possibly need. Add enough stuff, and a game could collapse under the weight of its own franchise. Continue reading

In My Opinion…- Say Anything

Say Anything box cover

My friends really think I need to speak a little quieter.

There’s a period in every gamer’s life where we harbor dreams that our friends and family will convert to hobby games. We show them some game (Ticket to Ride! Settlers of Catan!) that we hope will cause an epiphany that sends them scrambling for the nearest game store. And then the holidays come around, and our attempts fail. We learn that most people don’t even regard board gaming as a hobby possibility. As a friend of mine once said, it’s a little like telling someone your hobby is fruit. Most people never consider it an option. Continue reading