Friday Fallout – December 21, 2012

The end of the world

The Silver Surfer was held up by the weather, or else we would have seen this coming.

So after a week of travelling, sleeping in different beds, and strep throat, I guess my body decided that I’d had enough of this thing called “sleep.” Seems like as good a time as any to update everyone on my recent gaming to-dos, as well as the rest of life.

  • First of all, where has Friday Fallout been? Well, it turns out that it’s hard to get it in some weeks, and some weeks I haven’t played much anything of note. Suffice to say that it’ll continue in the new year, but not likely as a religiously-weekly sort of thing. I’ll update when I can, but don’t fear if I miss a week or two here and there. Life and all that.
  • Which is just a fancy way of saying there almost certainly won’t be a new article for Christmas Day. Go spend the day with your families instead of reading a board-gaming blog, moron.
  • A fair bit of party gaming, as is appropriate for the holidays. Aside from Say Anything (a perennial favorite in these parts), I dusted off Wits & Wagers, North Star Games’ first game and biggest hit. It’s actually held up really well, better than I remembered. It still manages to be just a little too much trouble when managing the payouts, but I tend to feel like the family edition of the game (itself quite good), removes a little too much by doing away with it. It deserves the mainstream success it’s had. It’s also really good with big groups.
  • I’ve gotten in a couple games of Uchronia, the re-designed version of Glory to Rome. Some people will like it more than Glory to Rome, but I’m pretty sure I’m not one of them. It’s still worth a look though. Watch for my review in the coming weeks.
  • I played my first game of Age of Steam. Well, first game of that iteration. I’ve played both Steam and Railroad Tycoon a few times, and like them both alright. As for Age of Steam, it’s probably my favorite of the three, but I still wouldn’t give it more than a mild thumbs-up, just because I don’t think I actually care for the system that much. I have a very hard time visualizing the routes and tracking at how to transport cubes in the most complicated way possible. Still good if you like that kind of thing.
  • I started rereading Watership Down, which was a good move. After hearing so much about it before my first go-round, it proved to be a slow read for me. This second time has gone more briskly, and it has the feel of a novel that will be read multiple times like the works of Tolkien.
  • Speaking of Tolkien, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is way better than the critical consensus seems willing to admit. I think  there is a subliminal effort to label it as the new Star Wars Prequel trilogy, which is silly. It’s very much in line with the tone and feel of the original Jackson films, and I actually think a big trilogy is the best way to accomplish that. If you keep wondering why they haven’t gotten to your favorite chapter yet, it’ll seem slow. If you just deal with it and watch the movie it’ll be way more entertaining.
  • For those wondering about my favorite Christmas things: It’s a Wonderful Life (Christmas movie), Charlie Brown Christmas (both for Christmas special and Christmas album), Gingersnap (Christmas cookie), Hark The Herald Angel Sings (Christmas carol).
  • And assuming you survive Galactus’s reckoning, please have a blessed and very Merry Christmas this year. You are a wonderful audience, and you have helped to make 2012 a very memorable year for this blog.

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