Friday Fallout – December 28, 2012

Ho ho ho! Did everyone have a Merry Christmas? Mine was pretty terrific, as my son is now old enough to appreciate the fun of opening presents. I’ve had a lot of downtime with my family, and it’s been nice to relax. But no more of that for me! It’s time to update all y’all on what’s up, and then get around to writing my article for next week. It’s early, but I know that if I don’t get it done now I sure as shootin’ won’t feel like doing it on Monday night.

  • Not a lot of presents this year for Christmas, which is fine with me. My wife bought me the new FFG reprint of Merchant of Venus, and I can confidently say I don’t own another game with more tokens. Of course, it has to have enough components for two whole games. The production looks really good, and even though I’ve only spent some time soloing the game and playing some with my wife, my first thought is that Fantasy Flight really knocked this one out of the park.
  • The result of a gift exchange between my immediate family, I received all three seasons of Arrested Development. Say what you will about America, thirteen dollars still buys you a lot of mice.
  • I also had a boardgame gift exchange with my buddies in KC, and I received Lords of Waterdeep, the sneakiest really good game of 2012. It just proves that I’m more interested in playing something that’s easy to get to the table than something super-original.
  • I might have already said in a past Fallout that I got Lords of Waterdeep. I cannot be bothered to check my own blog to see if this is the case.
  • Played a lot of Wits & Wagers with my family, and the game is still a good one. I like the Family Edition plenty, but there’s something just so exciting about the betting that came with the original.
  • How lazy am I feeling now? Not so lazy that I won’t write this, but too lazy to locate a funny image and clever link.

Have a Happy New Year!


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