Friday Fallout – January 25, 2013

Hey, what’s going on? It’s been a couple weeks since there’s been fallout on a Friday, but I can be as lazy as I want on my own blog. Not that it’s hurting me too much, since the amount of content on this page actually has very little impact on my life. But I did just score a link from Reddit that you can see here. This kind of thing will stop being a big deal when it happens more often, so if you think it’s pointless to comment on such things, you should link to this blog more often, and it’ll be so boring that I don’t comment on it anymore. So that might work…

  • Still playing Clash of Cultures because it’s a terrific game.
  • Fantasy Flight’s Merchant of Venus has also been on my mind a lot lately. It’s a terrific title, maybe the highlight of 2012 for me. Not only is the classic game still there and still terrific, but the standard game is also a lot of fun. Well, at least from the two-player game that I played by myself. Either way, it’s a must-get.
  • Perhaps because I didn’t feel my time was valuable, I just mainlined the sixth season of 30 Rock. Still one of the funniest shows ever.
  • Fringe ended strongly, so I decided to go back and start again from season one. It’s surprisingly strong early on, aside from a couple of strange character moments that need to get sanded away. The feel of the show is r0ck-solid though. If you never got into it while it was around, you’re in luck: it’s headed to Netflix soon.
  • Asmadi Games sent me the newest expansion to Innovation, Figures in the Sand. I’m really excited about it. More on that one later on.
  • I got a ton of games in a recent math trade, including a copy of Reiner Knizia’s Lord of the Rings. I finally beat it for the first time, and it’s been fun to get back into it.

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