Think Thin

As those close to me know, since the beginning of 2012 I have made an effort to improve my diet and add a little exercise into my life. Essentially I got tired of being super-fat, and over the last year and a half I’ve been able to drop just over 80 lbs. Not that I’m particularly slim yet, I still have about another 40 lbs. to go before I’m at what Weight Watchers calls my “ideal body weight.” I don’t have the time to really commit to a workout regimen that would get me there, but I’m quite pleased with the progress so far.

I have lost enough weight to go down a couple sizes in clothes. When I started I was about a XXXL or XXL depending on the cut. Now I’m down to an XL in pretty much all styles. My waist size is down from 48 inches to 40 inches. So needless to say, I had a lot of stuff that didn’t fit anymore. Yesterday my wife persuaded me to go through my closets and drawers and clean out all of my clothes that were too big. I think I cut about 3/4 of my wardrobe out completely, and took it to thrift store. I was able to get some new stuff there, but suffice to say that I now have a lot more closet space.

This is a big deal, because it’s the first time that I’m essentially saying that I am this size now. A lot of you are saying “ummm, yeah,” but let me explain. I’ve gone through weight loss stuff before, but the weight always was gained back eventually. This time, I think I’m ready to say that I’m not that enormous man anymore. All of my clothes now are for the Nate that comes in the size I am now. I don’t have any “fat clothes” saved just in case. It’s very surreal and a very new sensation.

Another fried of mine who lost about 100 lbs a couple years ago told me that he experienced something of an identity crisis when he lost all of his weight. Suddenly he had to reassess who he was and how others related to him. I haven’t quite lost enough to deal with that, but now I have a small idea of what he was saying. Clothes are a big part of how he present ourselves to others, and when I have to change that element, it’s a big adjustment. Truly not the same guy I was two years ago.


One thought on “Think Thin

  1. Contragulations. I hope you have continued success and wish you well in maintaining your achievement.

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