What’s Happening at the Rumpus Room?

Those of you unfortunate enough to be my friend on Facebook may have noticed a surprising amount of activity on my blog recently. It’s true, I posted four entries last week, and I’m on pace to get five this week. You also may have noticed that most of these entries have had almost nothing to do with games.

Well, consider a new phase of The Rumpus Room. Aside from my once-a-week article that is cross-posted at Fortress: Ameritrash, there will also be a lot more entries throughout the week. My goal is to have something for you the night before every weeknight. That means that if you check your RSS feed in the morning, you’ll have something every day of the week. Ambitious? Perhaps, but it’s mostly just meant that I watch a little less TV every night.

So why am I suddenly amping up my content? I am taking some advice from Roger Ebert, who admonished his widow to write on a daily basis. I love to write. It’s one of the great joys of my life. But only writing 1000-1200 words a week is not a way to get good at it, so you guys will be subjected to a bit from me every day. Besides, my life is made up of much more than board games, and there are a lot of people (like my family) who read my blog out of sheer politeness, not out of any hobby interests.

So what kind of stuff can you expect? Well, there will probably be more reviews of things besides games, like another music review tomorrow and the new season of Arrested Development later in May. I may throw out some other thoughts about games that aren’t really meant for F:AT, or just aren’t enough to build an article around. And if nothing else, there’ll be other thoughts as they come to me. The amazing thing about writing is that inspiration usually comes while you’re at the keyboard, not beforehand.

Gamers can be assured that they will get no drop in the amount of content I write about games every week. There will simply be more other stuff going on as well. So thanks for your indulgence as I continue to find my feet as a writer, and leave a comment as the fancy strikes you.


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