Novel Ideas

Tonight I had a minor brush with fame, when I went to a book signing with Patrick Rothfuss. For those who aren’t as cool as me, he’s the  author of The Kingkiller Chronicles, one of my favorite fantasy series. I found out on Monday that he would be at a local bookstore in Overland Park, so I blew off game night and hightailed it over there to hear him give a reading and a little Q&A.

Rothfuss maintains a great blog of his own, and if you read it you get a good idea of the kind of guy he is. I liked how open he was about his own writing process, and especially some of the insights he gave on the craft. And of course he read some passages from his books and signed and took pictures and all that. I got a couple, but they weren’t too good, so you won’t see them right away. Also, I’m a little too lazy to get them ready right now anyway. So take that!

Between the Q&A he gave and some recent stuff I’ve read by Stephen King, I’ve been thinking a lot about the writing of novels, and what goes into that. I’ve only really been active on a daily basis here for about a month now, and I think it’s going well. But maintaining a blog is hardly what I’d call “active writing.” I usually just hammer out some words and call it a day. That’s what Rothfuss called writing as a hobby, and that’s accurate. There really isn’t a lot of polish that goes into anything you read here. But what would it be like to actually write a novel? How does one even do that?

I’m not saying that I plan to, because I really and truly have no idea what it would be about. But I’d be lying if I said I had never thought about it. I think even the hackiest hacks who ever hacked at some point dream of writing a novel and telling a story. Some even get lucky and make a little money doing it. But it’s always something that has seemed so foreign and difficult to me. I mean, where would I even find the time to do that?

The answer is, you make time. “Not enough time” is the cry of a writer who doesn’t want to work at it. I honestly didn’t think I’d have the gumption to write in this blog five times a week, but you can do a lot of things if you decide it’s important. If I’m really serious about writing, it’d probably be good to challenge myself at some point, and not just goof around with a blog all the time.


2 thoughts on “Novel Ideas

  1. You could totally do it! Start pounding out an idea and see if it can handle a novel format. What would you do? Fiction? Fantasy? Sci-Fi? 18th Century Murder Mystery Romance?

  2. but if you write a novel instead of goofing off on a blog, we get fewer blog posts, and I’ve been loving the frequent updates.

    But seriously, do ittttttttttttt

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