Which Mario Tune is the Best?


Let’s begin with an objective fact: the Mario games have the best music of any video game series ever. We’ve all gotten one stuck in our head, and if your anything like me it leads to and endless parade of every opening world song in the history of the series. If you’re the type who likes to whistle, they’re the perfect songs for that pastime, because they’re jaunty, happy, and neverending. It helps that they’re from what is likely the most consistently amazing series of video games ever, because that means you’ve probably played almost all of them until your fingers bled. Such an important topic clear presents an important question: which Mario game has the best tune of them all?

That is of course a trick question, because everyone knows that both the first and second best Mario tunes are from the original Super Mario Bros. I probably don’t even need to post links to them, because you can recall the music from both World 1-1 and World 1-2 easier than you can recall your birthday. I will probably forget my name before I forget those songs. So any list of the best Mario songs ever would have to come from every other Mario title. I’ve listed a series of tunes that you can listen to below. I picked what I thought would be the most representative song from each console Mario game. Well, all the ones that I would consider part of the “main series” as it were. If you really were dying to hear a song from Paper Mario, sorry. Also, I haven’t played any of the Wii U games yet, so I didn’t include those. If that’s a problem you can send me a Wii U. Feel free to comment with ones that you think should be included from either those games, or any I missed from the games listed below. Then cast your vote in the poll below to make this thing official.

Super Mario Bros. 2 – Yes, yes, it’s not really the real sequel. But compared to the Lost Levels it’s the better of the two Mario Bros. 2 games, and probably the most underrated in the entire series. This is the music from the first level, maybe some of my favorite 8-bit music ever composed.

Super Mario Bros. 3 – You probably have this one memorized too, but just in case you don’t this is the overworld theme from World 1-1. The theme from World 1-2 is probably good enough to get a few votes on its own, but that’s not the one I chose.

Super Mario World – This is probably my favorite of the side-scrolling Mario games, and it also has an embarrassment of riches in the song department. Tough call, but I went once again with the main overworld theme played in the first level.

Super Mario 64 – This is the game that inspired me to do this little poll, and of course it’s a classic. This one has mostly different music for the various worlds, though this is probably the most well-known in the bunch.

Super Mario Sunshine – Kind of the black sheep of the Mario series, and the only Mario game to bring me close to tears with its difficulty. I feel like there are simultaneously more songs and fewer distinct ones in this one, but I picked the one I’m most familiar with, from Bianco Hills.

Super Mario Galaxy – A little more background-ish, but now it’s fully orchestrated. It’s got a slow start, but wait for it to get rolling. Mario Galaxy is not only my favorite Mario game, but probably my favorite video game ever. This piece is from the Good Egg Galaxy.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii – The return to 2D roots gives this one a little more of a classic feel. Once again, here’s the overworld theme. I don’t have my DS anymore, but I’m pretty sure this is the same music used in that iteration of New Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 – Basically just more Mario Galaxy, which is really what our world needs. This is from Sky Station Galaxy. Does anyone else think the Mario Galaxy soundtracks sound a little like a Miyazaki movie?

So what say you? Vote below!


One thought on “Which Mario Tune is the Best?

  1. I love this post.

    I can’t tell you how happy listening to main theme of Super Mario Bros. 2 makes me. It’s hard to describe. I love all of these songs though, the jauntyness of Super Mario World, the classic wonder of 3, the epicness of Galaxy, the “bop bop”s of Mario Wii. I actually just bought (finally at a reasonable price) Donkey Kong County for SNES in part because I absolutely love the underwater music.

    I’ve always thought video game music has been underestimated in the world of music. I think it’s some of the best pieces of our generation.

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