Dad Rock

One of my natural talents is talking, so podcasting has always seemed like a natural extension of that under-celebrated gift. My problem is that another one of my natural talents is laziness, so my close friends are the only ones who really  get to bask in my  verbal diarrhea. I just don’t have the oomph to edit together different episodes, get them hosted, and try to actually come up with something to say.

But then about a month ago I got a call from my college roommate, who lives in upstate New York. He ran an idea past me: what if we got together a Google hangout with some other friends, and chatted about some of our favorite music? He’s working on his doctorate in music, but like a lot of academic music types I’ve known he’s not quite as up to speed on modern pop trends. Because of that, he’s always had a really cool perspective on popular rock songs, and we spent many an hour in college talking about what songs we enjoyed. I thought it would be a really cool idea, especially because he offered to head up the editing and the recording duties. All I had to do was talk into my headset. Ahh, perfect!

Our first two episodes are below. If you’re a frequent podcast listener, we’d love to hear your comments. Just keep in mind that this is still a very nascent project. We’re still dealing with issues of equipment, connections, editing, and even something basic like finding a title. We’re all new to the podcasting world, so just bear in mind that it’s pretty rough. I can say this though, I’ve had a lot of fun catching up with my friends and really digging into some of our favorite songs. We don’t even have a hosting site right now. We’ve just been posting them to Youtube. If this ends up taking off and becoming something we can do regularly, we’ll start syndicating this bad boy.

One thing I’ve loved is how we’ve really focused on our own personal responses to the songs we picked. It’s not about what’s hot, just what’s spoken to us for different reasons. I’ve enjoyed the conversations that have resulted. Hopefully you will too.

Episode 1: Sort of a proof-of-concept, to see if we could make something listenable and semi-interesting. Did we succeed? I think mostly. We each picked one song we thought we should discuss, and boy did we discuss them. We get lost in the weeds more as it goes on, especially when discussing the last song. This one is really there to see if we could do it, and I feel good about how it happened.

Episode 2: We move closer to the format we originally envisioned. Three of us brought a single song, and the fourth brings a whole album to discuss. It’s really this one that made us feel it’s something we could do regularly. We kept the discussions a little tighter, especially considering we had a lot more territory to cover. There’s also a much stronger variety of music here, and indeed some sharp disagreements about one song. So it looks promising.

Anyway, it’s a work in progress. But I’m really excited about where it could go, and really excited about our next episode coming in early March. I’ll be discussing this project a lot more going forward, and it’d be great if you could follow it! At the end of each episode we pick the songs we’re going to cover next, and they are all available on Spotify. So you can listen along with us. Think of it like a book club, except we do all the talking, and we only talk about music.


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