The Takedown Notice

take down notice

So a couple weeks back I wrote about a project that I’ve been pursuing with some buddies of mine. That project has been struck by lighting and is now shambling aimlessly through cyberspace. May I proudly present…The Takedown Notice.

When we started this process, one possibility if we liked the results was to post everything as a podcast, and hopefully send it on its merry way. Essentially, we’re four guys who are talking about music. That’s not a bad thing, but it’s maybe just interesting for us. But I feel like the podcast has really taken off since Aaron has really gotten creative with the editing. Little snippets of songs started to emerge as we mentioned them, flowing from one thing to the next. Obviously we wanted to avoid getting in any legal trouble so none of the samples are very long. That sensitivity gave us the idea for the title though, so that’s something.

We’ve pumped out four episodes so far, releasing them roughly every other week. We would do them more often, but we have jobs and kids and other crap to do. You’ll just have to be satisfied with what we have out there already. Visit our website to learn more, or check us out on iTunes. If you do subscribe through iTunes, we ask that you put a review up there so we get some feedback. Subscribe and enjoy!


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