All My Lovin’ – Love Letter Review

love letter cover

I’m not sure I actually like Love Letter, but I also don’t know if I’d ever turn down a game of it. What would  be the point of refusing to play? It’s such a trifle that I find it hard to believe that anyone would hate it enough to want nothing to do with it. In fact the most impressive thing about Love Letter is probably that it makes a case for itself at all, over easier activities like having a sip of coffee or sitting quietly. It’s just good enough to justify its existence and it makes the wise choice to wrap it up at about the two minute mark, then grab the cards, shuffle them up, and go again. Continue reading

Heroes and Wonders – Mare Nostrum Review

Mare Nostrum cover

There’s conquerin’ afoot!

I received my copy of Mare Nostrum in a trade almost five years ago, and I have played many times. Just this weekend I played it after an extended hiatus. We were playing with the Mythology expansion, where the players have the option to call upon the favor of a god to give them a one-shot boost for the round. I made the foolish decision to spend the resources to use a god that actually was a lot less useful than I had expected. Mare Nostrum is not a very forgiving game when it comes to wasting resources, and I assumed I had blown this one. But then an odd thing happened. The god I had selected, Baal, had the ability to destroy a city of an opposing player. I realized I was holding on to a live grenade that I could lob at someone, and that I could get my way to a limited extent by using the threat of the destruction of a city. I’ve played many times, and for whatever reason this had never occurred to me. I probably would have still been better off saving my cards and doing something else, but for a brief glorious moment I had the joy of watching an old game reveal yet another new facet to me. Continue reading

Forever Weird

Weird Al

I think that every music fan goes through a Weird Al phase. Mine began in middle school, around the time of Bad Hair Day and peaking with the release of Running With Scissors. Oh man, Running With Scissors. That was the summer of the first Star Wars prequel, and also the summer that I took a trip back to the USA without my parents. I was excited to see Episode I, but I was almost as excited to get Weird Al’s newest opus. I listened to it so many times that I think I had memorized “Albuquerque” by the time I made it home. It was also around this time that I discovered UHF, which became a permanent fixture at every sleep over and youth group event.  Continue reading

Board Gaming’s Vanishing History


A couple of years ago I wrote an article talking about the lack of historical context within the board gaming hobby, especially when compared to other mediums. There is a pervasive ambivalence about old games in the hobby today, which is increasingly focused on the newest Kickstarter campaign and the churn of the right-now. At the time I thought that there was hope for those of us who really enjoy older games, because I believed we were living in the age of reprints. Back  then old classics like Wiz-War, Merchant of Venus, and Survive! were getting top shelf reprints from major publishers. But now that a couple of years have passed, I fear we are more disconnected with our roots than ever before. This time however, it’s not because of the ambivalence  that I complained about. It’s because the games that brought many of us into the hobby are quickly vanishing, to be replaced by games with vast expansion lines and fancy miniatures. Continue reading

Headed South

I don’t tend to get too personally revealing on my blog, and that’s gone doubly so for the last six months or so. It’s easy to just let this be my “review” spot, where I can chat about games and music and so forth, so I don’t always remember to share important things with my readers, especially ones that might affect what they are reading.  Continue reading