First Transmission from Texas

Whoa, I’ve been off the radar for a little while. What’s been going on for the last week?

  • My family moved to Texas! We’re in that mushy nether-world now where we’re looking for a permanent place to live and full-time employment for me. (Are you a praying person? Pray for that!)
  • Our convoy south consisted of my wife and kids in our Taurus, my mom in our loaded-down minivan with iffy air conditioning, and me in a sixteen-foot Penske rental truck. It was a nerve-wracking trip for all three of us, and for completely different reasons. I never knew how many imperfections in the road and high winds there would be driving from Kansas to Texas. I went the entire trip without mishap, but I felt like I was always one swerve away from doing a barrel roll on I-35. By the time we got to the Dallas area I had stopped changing CDs. This resulted in me listening to Odelay by Beck fully a dozen times in a row.
  • I hope that was just the Beck music and not actual police sirens. 
  • I always knew there were a lot of restaurants in Dallas, but buddy, there are a lot of restaurants in Dallas.
  • The DFW area is basically the interstate highway system taken to its logical conclusion.

Here are some non-Dallas things that happened while I was off the grid.

  • Robin Williams died. It was always going to be a bummer when that happened, but the way it happened was way sadder.
  • When we’d drive from Kansas City to see relatives in Ohio and Michigan we always drove through Ferguson. I’ve been thinking a lot about that lately.
  • Most of my Facebook feed is currently more upset that Johnny Manziel flipped the bird to the Redskins fans last night. (Sampling bias because I know a lot of Browns fans, but still.)
  • GenCon happened/is happening. I do not care enough to see if it is still going on. Some game columnist, huh?
  • Braxton Miller is out for the season. The most pessimistic I can be about this is assuming that we will now lose to Michigan State by two touchdowns instead of one. The most optimistic is that we run the table and beat every team we face, thereby creating some temporal anomaly where we simultaneously defeat all of the greatest teams of all time at the same time, and we are crowned the champions of all time and space.
  • Speaking of time and space, new Doctor Who this week. I rewatched “The Time of the Doctor” and still liked it a lot, even if it was kind of a mess.

I’m visiting a new game group on Thursday night, so hopefully I’ll have something game-related to talk about next week. And of course there will be many more transmissions from Dallas forthcoming as well.

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