So Sick Of Words

I must type more opinions!

When I was just beginning to write about board games on a regular basis, I had a conversation with a friend of mine about a particular piece I had written. I expressed my desire to become at least something of a notable personality in the hobby, and he told me that if that was something I wanted I would do well to create a video series that explained complex games. I have never had a ton of use for video board game content, so I explained that I only really had the time and inclination to stick to the written word. That was what brought me into the hobby, and that was where I wanted to contribute. Continue reading

Over the counter with a shotgun – Rattle And Hum (1988)

The best parts of Rattle And Hum show U2 at their high point, a band who has reached the mountaintop and are using their platform to reach as high as they possibly can. There are some amazing moments on the album that will not be denied. Unfortunately it also contains moments of U2 at their absolute worst. All of the accusations of pomposity, sanctimonious posturing,and arrogance that defies explanation, all of those are on full display here. There aren’t many albums from well-regarded artists that sold so well (14 million copies!) that are regarded so poorly. It’s a strange beast indeed. Continue reading

Games Of The Years

I got involved in this hobby seven years ago, and I’ve been writing about it pretty steadily for about three, with occasional pieces before that. At some point every board game writer will have to deal with the expectation to crown their “game of the year.” This is tricky for a lot of reasons. Continue reading

Tear down the walls that hold me inside – The Joshua Tree (1987)

The Joshua Tree is not only U2’s defining moment as a band, but one of the defining albums in rock history. It was a perfect storm of every element peaking at the right time, a culmination of experiences from four studio albums and relentless touring. It’s hard to overstate just what a big deal it is for the band. If you asked someone to name five U2 songs, there’s a good chance at least three of them would be from The Joshua Tree. Nearly thirty years later, its shadow still looms over everything the band has done. They would reach these heights again, but they have never been able to top it. Continue reading

Silken skies and burning flak – The Unforgettable Fire (1984)

The Unforgettable Fire is a strange beast, as U2 albums go. Despite possessing one of the greatest of all U2 singles, it is generally not as radio-friendly as other U2 albums that are normally thought of as being great. Some of the songs still deal in big soaring melodies, but have hooks that are more subdued. Still other songs function only as mood pieces, soundscapes that set up atmosphere more than anything else. It would be easy for such a work to be almost unlistenable, especially given how the moodiness of October resulted in a rather half-baked album. Continue reading

The Group Of Ten

Count ’em.

Once you have been in the hobby five years, you begin to look at your game shelf and say, “I have too many games.” This doesn’t actually mean you’re going to get rid of any of them or that you will stop buying new ones. Mostly it’s just an acknowledgement that, hey, space is getting a little tight, and that you’ve spent a considerable amount of money on all the games you have. Continue reading