A Fly On The Wall

A scientist steps in front of the board room…

Scientist: Gentlemen, we have achieved a scientific breakthrough. We’ve created a soft material that looks like C4, but instead of exploding in a spectacular combustion, it explodes into a million tiny turds that get all over your house!

CEO: But won’t people hate stepping on all that gritty mess?

Scientist: Not to worry! As soon as someone steps on them they smoosh out and bond permanently with all socks and carpet!

CEO: Brilliant!

Scientist: Indeed! We feel this material could be used as a non-lethal way to stop criminals by forcing them to stop what they are doing and frantically, futilely scrape it off of their shoes and clothes.

CEO: No, we already tried something similar with maple syrup and the FBI wasn’t interested. Let’s call it Play-Doh and market it to children!

Wild cheering, champaign corks pop, cigars light up, raises handed out.

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