Go, Speed, Go!

He’s a demon and he’s going to be chasing after someone!

To the surprise of absolutely no one, the Wachowski’s new movie, Jupiter Ascending, was a spectacular flop this past weekend. For as big a name as the sibling director duo is, they haven’t had a proper hit since the third Matrix movie over a decade ago, and most people have decided that The Matrix Revolutions was a disappointment regardless. Continue reading


You may have noticed that there haven’t been any articles about board games for a couple of weeks. This is because I am currently in board gaming exile. I’ve recently started my graduate classes, and most of my evenings are spent reading and writing stuff for my classes. Almost all of my gaming time has been spent in front of a TV, playing video games after I’m done reading for the night. But sitting down at a table with friends to play something in real life? That has been hard to make happen, and it looks like while classes are in session this will be the new normal. Continue reading