Ranking The Marvel Movies

This Friday brings about the second Avengers movie, and like many of you I plan on doing my American duty to line up to see a blockbuster sequel. Of course it will obliterate any and all records, and it will inspire a bunch more overwrought think-pieces about how superheroes are destroying American cinema. I remain highly dubious on DC’s attempts to turn every one of their properties into an existential slog on the big screen, but it’s hard to fault Marvel for their adherance to what has been a highly successful model. Continue reading

Miniature Market’s Review Corner

Remember when I used to write about games?

Notice I didn’t say “when I used to write about anything.” That’s because I’ve actually written a fair bit for my classes, and there will be plenty more of those pieces to come, though probably none of them will be on this blog. But writing about board games? That was something I just didn’t have a lot of time to do. Continue reading