Miniature Market’s Review Corner

Remember when I used to write about games?

Notice I didn’t say “when I used to write about anything.” That’s because I’ve actually written a fair bit for my classes, and there will be plenty more of those pieces to come, though probably none of them will be on this blog. But writing about board games? That was something I just didn’t have a lot of time to do.

Except I’ve found a terrific game group in DFW, and I’m actually still able to fit in a decent amount of gaming, if I stay ahead of the curve on schoolwork. I haven’t written about any of it, and indeed I’ve barely even been involved in online discussions in the hobby. Mostly I putter around on Twitter and chit-chat there, and even then not as much as I used to. But all that is about to change.

Those of you who order their games online have probably heard of Miniature Market, one of the foremost online game retailers out there. They’ve started a feature called the Review Corner, and I’m going to be one of the writers for it. I’m joining a stable of several writers, a few of whom, like Michael Barnes, Charlie Theel, and Pete Ruth, have also been active on Fortess: Ameritrash. The others are active on BGG, and we already have a solid line-up of reviews that you can peruse.

Well, they do. You won’t be seeing any of my own work there for about a month or so. But it’s an exciting opportunity, and one that will get my reviews to a much wider audience. Not only that, I’m excited to get so much good writing under one roof, so to speak. The reviews aren’t actually touched by Miniature Market, so what you are getting are definitely the opinions of the writer and not the retailer.

So go check us out, read the reviews, and repeat. If you want to track with what I’m writing over there, you can follow me on Twitter (@sanildefanso), and we also have a Geeklist on BGG where you can participate in the discussion.

One thought on “Miniature Market’s Review Corner

  1. You are one of my favorite game reviewers, so I was glad when I found out they roped you into this! Looking forward to reading.

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