The Advantages of Becoming a Board Game Hermit

Like many hobbies in the Twenty-First Century, board gaming actually consists of two hobbies. There’s the actual playing of games, the part where you hang out with friends and enjoy each other’s company while you share an experience that all of you like. But there is also the hobby that takes place online, where you write forum posts, argue back and forth about various topics, and engage in more “advanced” activities, like tracking plays and rating games on BGG. Continue reading

You should play Shadows of Malice

Shadows of Malice

In between writing papers for grad school and chasing my kids, I still try to keep half an eye on what’s going on in the board gaming hobby. Those of you who follow me on Twitter know about the work I’ve done with Miniature Market, and that’s been a good way to continue writing, even if it’s not writing that will appear on this blog. But this weekend I had a gaming experience about which I felt compelled to write. This isn’t really a review, more of a first impressions write-up. But I still wanted to tell you about this game. Continue reading