Mega Civilization Session Report

As announced last week, this weekend I had the opportunity to play a game of Mega Civilization. We streamed the whole thing online, and raised over $1000 for Worldbuilders. It was, to put it mildly, an experience. Continue reading


DFW Nerd Nighters Mega Civilization

Do you like to watch other people play games? Do you like those games to take literally all day? Do you wish that while you watched people play games you could donate to charity? Well I have good news for you! Continue reading

The Best Board Games of 2015

One of the side-products of not writing a weekly column anymore is that I don’t really need to sit down and figure out my five best games of the year like I’ve done in the past. That’s a shame, because my work with Miniature Market has allowed me to cover far more new games than I would otherwise play. Now that 2015 is in the books I thought it might be a good time to dust off the ol’ blog and talk about what I thought were the best releases of the year. Continue reading

The Group of Ten, 2015-2016 Edition

You may recall that last year I wrote a piece about what games I would keep in my collection if forced to winnow it down to just ten titles. At the time it was just an interesting thought experiment, but it ended up gaining a little traction. My friends at DFW Nerd Nighters ended up doing a whole episode about it, their longest one I believe. This year, Nerd Nighter JR Honeycutt has released an updated version of his list from last year. Continue reading